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Business & Law
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, CA
Successfully funded on June 16th, 2015!
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Sabria's Story

My passion is public speaking.

I started public speaking when my grandfather got sick because he always told me that I have a way with my words. I never really knew what he meant by it, but I finally figured it out. I used to be scared of speaking in front of new people, but I had to overcome that fear when my grandfather passed away.

Attending Mock Trial Experience has been my dream since the 6th grade. This program will help me develop more skills and help me grow in other areas that I might not even know that I like. I believe that this program could help me find myself.

A Note from Mrs. White, Sabria's Teacher

"Since Sabria joined mock trial, shehas been a huge asset to her team. She will benefit by improving her writing skills as well as her public speaking skills skills at Mock Trial Experience. In addition, she will be exposed to a new environment, where I truly believe she will thrive. This exposure to a college environment will benefit her greatly."

Campaign Activity
Sabria posted an update
August 10
Mock Trial Experience

During Mock Trial Experience I learned how to write theory. I also learned how to give an opening and closing statement. I also learned how to develop cross examining questions as well as direct questions. I also learned how to object and be a witness. I also witnessed a hiring at the Federal court- house. I met a lot of new people from all around the world. I had four roommates including myself. My roommates were from London, Alameda, and so much more. I met girls in my program from Ghana, Rwanda, Maryland, and so many other places. Everyone had there own unique personalty and we all had fun. We took a trip to Santa Cruz, and I thought it was amazing. On the last day of the trip, we had to do a presentation in front of our parents and loved ones about what we learned. I was so nervous, but when I stood up there in front of everyone I knew that my teachers taught me well. I went up there and it turned out to be really amazing. This trip was fun and educational all at the same time. The campus was beautiful and huge, hot but cool at the same time.

Sabria posted an update
June 26
Excited for Mock Trial Experience

I have been waiting for this summer camp to start every since I got accepted in to it. This program will help me figure out if this is my passion and if this is something I could do in my future. Thank you so much for donating -- I will update everyone after the program is over.

Success! Mrs. White helped Sabria raise $2,960
June 16
St. Patrick Catholic Church Adkinson donated $350
June 16

An Anonymous Donor matched this donation with $200

Jerry Irvin donated $100
June 16

This donation is on behalf of St. Patrick's Family. Congrats Sabria and do us Proud. Your St. Patrick's Family

An Anonymous Donor matched this donation with $100

Carolyn Silas-Sams donated $50
June 15

I remember when we needed help for our 4 children who all attended Catholic schools, so I am happy to to what I can to help Sabria achieve her academic goals. Peace and Blessings.

An Anonymous Donor matched this donation with $50

Olugbemiga & Barbara Lafitte-Oluwole donated $50
June 4

We are so proud of you and have every confidence that you will excel in your aspirations. You have provided incredible leadership for the youth at St. Patrick, especially in the past year since the youth mass has been incorporated. Olu and I feel very blessed by the gifts you've given us as a youth leader in our congregation! We wish you the best of luck at Stanford's Mock Trial Experience and know that we'll truly miss you while you're away. We are praying for your success!

Johnnie McCormick donated $100
May 31

Sabría we are so proud of you!! Keep up the great progress!!! Mama Johnnie & family 😘

LaShonia Irvin donated $65
May 29

Auntie is Very Proud of you Bri. You are the reason someone is smiling today.

Amelia Collier donated $15
May 25

Good luck Sabria!!!

Phyllis Lun donated $100
May 20

Sabria has been a Girl Scout for 7 years and is a well rounded young lady with many skills. I wish I could give more.

Roxanne Phen donated $75
May 19

I'm excited to support a fellow mock trialer! It's the best, and even more fun in college :)

Angela Le donated $25
May 19

Good luck Sabria!

Stephanie Nguyen donated $25
May 19

Sabria, I know your aspirations are to be a lawyers, so I am very happy to support your goal to attend Mock Trial! Looking forward to hearing about what you learn over the summer!

Mable Hodges donated $50
May 19
Joann Jameson donated $25
May 18

I'm proud of you, Sabria! I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience.

Anonymous donated $200
May 13
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May 13
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May 13
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February 11