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Science & Medicine
Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School
Los Angeles, CA
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Briza's Story

My passion is medicine.

I discovered my passion for medicine when I was about seven years old. Now, I aspire to become a surgeon so that I can alleviate the suffering patients feel. I want to feel “accomplished” when a patient feels good after going through pain, which will warm my heart and bring me joy.

I know that Envision NYLF Medicine will help me pursue my passion for medicine and becoming a surgeon since it will give me a much more thorough understanding of the way medicine works. I want to get to know the different functions of the body parts. Attending this program will give me a head start when finally train and learn to become a surgeon.

A Note from Mrs. Morris, Briza's Mentor

Briza would benefit from participating in the Envision NYLF Medicine program because it will help her hone in on her passion for studying medicine. This opportunity will introduce her to some basics around health, while giving her more knowledge about the career field she would like to study.

Campaign Activity
Briza posted an update
July 27
NYLF Medicine

My experience at NYLF Envision was amazing! I enjoyed every bit of it. We would have keynote speakers almost every night, went to visit a few places, and even had hands-on experiences. I was able to know what the inside of an OR looks like, as well as watching a live open knee surgery. I got to experience on how to give CPR to someone in need. We learned how to improvise in an emergency situation when we do not have the first aid equipment that we need. They taught us how we can keep calm; additionally, we learned how to stable someone's neck and how to suture. We also got to be in an ICU simulation which had mannequins and helped us learn how to intubate a patient when they are not breathing. My experience was amazing and engendered me to fall more in love with the medical field.

Briza posted an update
April 25
Envision NYLF Medicine

I am going to participate in the Envision NYLF Medicine program this summer and I am very excited. It is going to give me the chance to develop more of my skills in order to pursue my career as a surgeon. There are not a sufficient amount of opportunities in school where I can study medicine. I think that this program will help me plenty and I am excited. I am looking forward to participating with other students that are around my age. I want to be able to share my opinions and ideas.

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April 4
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