Ping Ting has applied to attend National Computer Camp at Fairfield University this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Ping Ting
Ping Ting
Technology & Engineering
Hamden High School
Hamden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on May 24th, 2018!
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Ping Ting
Ping Ting's Story

My passion is technology.

I often work at my family's restaurant and love to help out with the billing and being in charge. It has taught me how to take everything into account, as well as doing things efficiently. As a result, I see how big of an impact technology can play in problem-solving. From working in a small business, I've learned that although I am capable of coming up with strategies and quick ideas, it would help if I had a better understanding of technology to make these solutions permanent.

I hope by attending National Computer Camp at Fairfield University, I'll be able to learn how to further my skills with technology, as well as learning how to work with others. I know these valuable skills will be used further down the road in life.

A Note from Mr. Germe, Ping Ting's Teacher

Ping Ting is energetic and outgoing. She participates more than others and is liked by all. Ping Ting has a passion for learning and business. As a freshman, she is just beginning her high school journey. Ping Ting takes pride in her family business and with being immersed in the business. She would greatly benefit from attending National Computer Camp at Fairfield University, to gain knowledge in technological skills to elevate her family's business and more.

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Ping Ting
Ping Ting posted an update
August 16
It was so much fun.

The experience was fabulous. I had so much fun and meet so many new friends who I still keep in touch with. I learned and got a taste of what college will feel like. Thank you to all the donors who gave me this extraordinary chance and I am so excited for next year.

Ping Ting
Ping Ting posted an update
June 1
Thank you all!!!

Thank you to everyone who donated. I am extremely happy and excited for this upcoming summer. I have even started making a list of what I need before school has even ended. I am able to join this program all thanks to those who donated. So again, thank you to all who donated to me and those at

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Ping Ting
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