Kiara has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer: Dramatic Arts & Theatre this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
Bronx Latin High School
Bronx, NY
Successfully funded on May 9th, 2016!
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Kiara's Story

My passion is Theater.

I discovered my passion for theater when I was a child and was invited to watch a play called "The Wiz" at my sister's school. I was intrigued by the actors ability to play a part well and stay in character. I remember thinking, "How can they go up there and be a entirely different person?" They were able to completely capture their character's feelings and emotions. I also loved how the audience reacted to their performance. I want to be able to perform in a way that inspires and entertains audience members.

Attending UConn Pre-College Summer: Dramatic Arts &Theater will help me explore my passion because I feel that attending this program will give me that extra push and courage I need to be able to act and achieve my dream. I think that this program will help me explore strengths and weaknesses that I did not know I have. Furthermore this program will guide me in the right direction and teach me not only how to act but also how to collaborate with others and live in a different type of lifestyle than I am used to.

A Note from Ms. Simmons, Kiara's Teacher

"Kiara is a very impassioned and vocal young lady with the perfect temperament and outgoing nature for the UConn Arts and Theatre program. She has a passion for musical and dramatic theatre as well as film. She isn't afraid to advocate for herself, participate in discussions and have her voice heard. She works well in collaboration with her fellow students which would be an asset in working with other students in the program. She's willing to take risks and try new things as she embraces every opportunity to learn something new or in a different way."

Campaign Activity
Kiara posted an update
August 12
My Experience At Uconn

My time at UCONN was wonderful, the RAs were nothing but fun and nice! Taking my Acting class allowed me to notice that acting is really what I want to do and that UCONN is going to be the place I do it in. Thank you for all of your support!

Kiara posted an update
June 8
Excited for UConn!

Thanks to all who supported me and donated to my campaign!! Now that I have been fully funded, I am so excited to visit UCONN and gain some college experience. I want to learn more about theater, and express my inner talent. Now that my time to attend UCONN is almost here, I am practicing and making sure I am ready to face my fears and be all that I can be, and to make the most of the program.

Success! Ms. Simmons helped Kiara raise $1,790
May 9
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May 9
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May 9

Best of luck. UConn is a great school.

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April 6
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