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Technology & Engineering
Oakland High School
Oakland, California
Successfully funded on April 25th, 2018!
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Julee's Story

My passion has always been combining art and computers into a career. I like to design and add colors online, which is more like coding CSS to an HTML page. I like going to different websites and see how the user adds content to their webpage such as how to make the button function, adding a calendar, or uploading videos daily. My hobby is to surf the internet. I go to my favorite websites to read blogs and watch my dramas. I am really fascinated by my favorite website's webpages because it looks very nice and I always wanted to learn how to create one. I am interested in coding such as HTML and CSS. I hope I can develop those skills better to practice making a website.

At iD Tech Camp, I would be exposed to new experiences. I will be able to understand and learn what it's like to code and customize a website. I plan to go to college and major in computer science. The type of websites I want to design for is a blog or tech company. I like to be on the computer and put in my ideas online. I plan it to make it eye-catching and informative.

A Note from Mrs. Garg, Julee's Teacher

Julee is a good candidate for iD Tech Camp as she embodies the ethics of flourishing in the challenge and taking the learning beyond the exposure to the material within the course. Further, Julee likes to help her peers learn the material. She is always ready to help other students go past their learning block and succeed at their endeavors. Julee has a strong passion to learn. She works hard and has high self motivation. She is a candidate who will make use of every opportunity that iD Tech Camp provides. Julee likes to challenge herself and your program will do just that for her.

Campaign Activity
Julee posted an update
May 21
Thank you!

I am very excited to be attending an overnight program. I hope to make new friends and try new things during my time at iD Tech Camps. I want to learn how to code and design through this camp. Thank you for making this opportunity possible for me!

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