Suzanna has applied to attend UCA Cheer Summer Camp this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Phillip and Sala Burton High School
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Suzanna's Story

I want to attend this program because I want to go to a good college to help my family. My family came from China so I would understand how hard it is to support your family. I live with 7 people and 1 dog. My dad is the youngest out of 5 siblings. I want to attend participate in Wishbone so that I can get a scholarship to pursue cheerleading and make my family proud.

A Note from Ms. traverso, Suzanna's Teacher

Suzanna would be a great fit because I know she will get the most that she can out of this program. I know that she will work hard and aim to absorb as much information as she can. I am not always able to take everyone on the squad to camp, so one of the expectations I have about those who do go, is to bring back material to share and teach to the other members on the squad. Knowing Suzanna's personality, I know that she will be the perfect person to do this. This program will teach her how to work in a group, how to communicate, and how to persevere. Cheer camp can be demanding and stressful. The above skills are difficult to cultivate especially under pressure. Cheer camp helps the squad to work through difficult tasks while learning the skills. I think it would be a great experience for her.

Campaign Activity
Suzanna posted an update
June 20
Excited for my summer program

I get very excited when I think about cheer camp. I can't wait to meet all the cheerleaders. I am also very interested and excited about learning new cheers, dances, and sidelines. I am most excited about living in the dorms. This will be my first time living in a dorm. I love the hot weather. Cheering in the heat will be tiring, but I am up for that challenge. 

Suzanna posted an update
June 15
Thank you

Thank you so much for your kindness! I really appreciate your kindness and support. Without your help I could not have the chance to meet other cheerleaders and have new experiences to become a better leader. Your donation will really help me have new experiences with cheer and a bright future. Thank you.

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June 15
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June 15
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May 16
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May 16
Suzanna was accepted into Wishbone!
February 5