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Technology & Engineering
Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Successfully funded on May 21st, 2018!
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Cristofer 's Story

My passion is drawing. Throughout out my life, my mindset about drawing has incredibly evolved. At first, it was a hobby, but then, it turned into a passion after realizing that I could create my own original pieces. It also evolved when I learned that my emotions can be effectively expressed through my drawings. For example, my art expresses my thoughts about the country’s political climate. This ranges from the heated debate about DACA to a metaphoric drawing that portrays Latinos as orphans in a foreign country and who are at times taken advantage of by corporations. My passion comes from constructing the world’s beliefs into a simple sketch. This is how I found the power of the pencil. I view drawing as valuable because it makes me feel free and aware of life obstacles, all while expressing my emotions and bringing joy to others and contentment to myself.

Attending the US Performing Arts Computer Animation will allow me to grasp even more resources. This will help me move a step further to my dreams of becoming a computer animator. I truly want to get the full college experience and effectively show my working skills with others. I believe my art is amazing and meaningful, but I know it can improve through the help of professionals in this field. I understand that the activities are rigorous, but I am up for the challenge. I genuinely want to implement my ideas and stretch my creativity even farther. It will be a privilege to be mentored and awarded the opportunity to learn about constructing animation, it's mechanics, and the science behind it.

A Note from Mr. Acuna, Cristofer 's Teacher

Cristofer is passionate about drawing and animating, and he works incredibly hard at any task set before him. Cristofer has never not followed through on a commitment. He is extremely hard working and dedicated to everything he participates in. He always works to his highest capacity, more diligently than any other student I have ever had. He will take any lessons and trainings presented to him and take it to heart, quickly implementing feedback. He is also a leader among his peers and will be an asset to US Performing Arts Computer Animation.

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Success! Mr. Acuna helped Cristofer raise $1,850
May 21
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May 21

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