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Science & Medicine
Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, CT
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Ashley's Story

My passion is caring for others.

I discovered this passion when my dad underwent his first surgery for his shoulder. I was only 6 years old, but it was up to me to help my dad in every way I could, like bringing him a cup of water, zipping up his jacket, and tucking him in. My father had 2 more surgeries on both shoulders. We were tight on money for a long time and my mom had to work two jobs. Now, I want to be a nurse where I can care for others every day.

NSLC Nursing will help me explore my passion because caring for others is what nursing is all about. I am unsure about whether I want to become a teacher or a nurse because both of these fulfill my passion. I haven't had much experience in the medical realm and I would like to experience it to decide for sure what career I want to pursue.

A Note from Mr. Abdus-Salaam, Ashley's Mentor

"I have seen Ashley explore her passion for education and medicine by committing herself to being an amazing student and even better person. When I first talked to Ashley about Wishbone, she was so excited that she could have the opportunity to learn about the real-world aspects of nursing.

Ashley is an outstanding candidate because she is hard-working, socially adept with her teachers and peers, academically prepared, and an overall pleasure to be around. At this program, she will gain a pre-collegiate experience and meet other highly motivated students. This will ultimately provide her with a legitimate chance to become "college-ready."

Campaign Activity
Ashley posted an update
July 27
I'm Home!!

My experience at NSLC Nursing was life changing. I learned so much from the program, not only did I learn about nursing, but I learned life lessons too. I learned how to be more independent, how to get out of my comfort zone and how to be a better person and leader. I made many new friends there too from different parts of the country. Everybody was very nice and we all learned to trust each other and to share emotions and feelings.
In regards to the nursing aspect of the program, we learned about a nurse's everyday duties, the different types of nurses, how college is as a nursing student and we got to do hands on simulations too! We learned to give shots, how to put in an IV, how to take blood, vital signs, how to read EGs/heart beats and rates, and how to care for babies and children. We also went through a simulation on birthing/delivering a baby and a stressful, high activity ICU simulation.
Thank you so much for making my dream come true and giving me the opportunity to go to one of the most prestigious ivy league schools in the country to learn more about my passion. I will work hard at school every day to one day become and nurse and hopefully one day give back to those who have helped me.

We operated on Mr. Stan in the ICU
We operated on Mr. Stan in the ICU
The beautiful architecture of Yale
The beautiful architecture of Yale
Ashley posted an update
June 7
Yale University... Hear I Come!

I never thought I would be stepping foot onto a college campus or having the chance to sleep in a dorm and take college classes. Never in a million years would I have thought about doing all of that at an Ivy League school! Thank you so much for making my dreams a reality. When I got the news about being fully funded my parents and I were ecstatic, my dad was yelling and dancing. My parents are very proud of me and I am very excited to go. My mom and I are already planning out what I am going to wear. I am very grateful for all the help, love and support you guys have shown me. Without you none of this would have ever been possible so THANK YOU again and a million times more!

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April 22
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April 22

We know you will do great things! Good Luck!!!

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April 22

Ashley, we wish you the best of luck!!!

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April 15

Hey Ashley! This is Bianca from next door. I hope you accomplish your goals in life! God bless : )

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April 11

Ashley is a shining example of a wonderful person with a good head on her shoulder she is a great example to other young people !

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January 29