Sean has applied to attend Syracuse Summer College Civil and Environmental Engineering this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
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Sean's Story

My passion is to learn how to become a better engineer, because there are not many engineers in the world, and there are even fewer who understand business. I have always been a math and science person.

I want to attend this management and technology program, because this experience will enhance what an engineer can have. This business program can help me develop other skills I may need in daily life and in my career. This program will help my future goals because it is aligned with engineering. Syracuse has a lot of very rigorous programs. Challenging myself will show me what I am capable of and that I am truly college ready.

Having a business program at a top engineering school is very unique and impressive. Also, I get to work with the faculty at the campus. Having the opportunity to do that, I can build relationships before I get there and investigate whether Syracuse is in fact a good fit for me academically and socially.

A Note from , Sean's Teacher

Sean is an excellent fit for this program. This young man eats, breathes, and dreams Syracuse and has found a program tailored to his career goals.

Sean is relentlessly driven. I have 100% confidence that he will follow through on every deadline. His internship supervisor from last summer raved about his punctuality (he regularly showed up an hour early) and "whatever it takes" attitude.

He spent his freshman year hovering in the middle of the pack, but his performance this year has skyrocketed. He has jumped to the top 10% of his class and shows incredible determination in maintaining his grades. He is more aware than any other high schooler I have met of the connection between hard work today and expanded opportunities tomorrow.

I cannot recommend Sean more strongly for Wishbone. He is a truly exceptional young man who deserves to see his hard work rewarded.

Campaign Activity
Sean posted an update
March 17
Learning business skills at Syracuse University

I studied management and entrepreneurship at Syracuse. This program was about making your own successful business. This program is an eye-opener for me because I was only looking at being an engineer, but I’ve now seen other things that I like and  realize I need to try new things. I really do consider creating a business, because this is something that could benefit society.
My favorite thing that I did on the program was meeting new people and talking to college students. It took me out my comfort zone and the experience was great because everyone was friendly and gave me information about the real college courses. I am considering going to the program again for the summer and also for college.
One thing that surprised me was the level of freedom that I was offered because there was no one there to tell me what to do. A lot of the decisions I had to make were on my own. It was a big wake up call for me because I had to make good use of my independence.

Sean posted an update
March 17
Thank you

Thank you for investing money in me because this experience will enhance my future in what I want to be when I grow up. I will push through adversities and I will not waste the money that you gave me to attend Syracuse.

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March 17
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Hi Sean, I am so impressed by your dedication to excellence and determination to succeed. I have 100% confidence that you will fulfill your dream of becoming an engineer and making the world a better place. Best wishes to you and bravo for dreaming big, everything begins with a dream! Have a great time in Syracuse!

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