Troy has applied to attend US Sports Contact Football Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
East Hartford High School
East Hartford, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 7th, 2018!
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Troy's Story

My passion is football. Football is a very important part in my life. I use football to help get me through life sometimes. Football has been my dream ever since I began playing in the fifth grade. Playing this sport has helped me in school, it has kept my grades up as well as keeping me out of trouble. It has also taught me the value of responsibility and hard work. I have nothing but dedication for this sport and I hope it will lead me to do great things in life.

I was able to attend US Sports Contact Football Camps last summer, and my experience was great. This helped me get a step further into pursuing my passion because when I was at the camp there were a couple colleges there watching and two prep schools. One of the colleges took interest in me and told me they were going to speak to my coach. This impacted me because now I know I have the talent to play in the next level if I keep on grinding. I would love the opportunity to participate in this camp once again.

A Note from Mrs. Lawlor-King, Troy's Mentor

Troy needs US Sports Contact Football Camps! He attended last year, and I cannot express the growth, both on and off the field, that I noticed in him! After attending camp, his play and leadership on the field were noticed, not only by his coaches but by the newspapers. There were many articles in the paper about his team and their games, and they featured Troy's name. Another camp experience will set Troy up to be the senior leader his team needs. Troy's team showed great improvement this year. I would love to be able to send Troy to camp and set him up to lead his team to a state championship next year! Off the field, there was a change in Troy too. He was more responsible in his classes. He cared about his grades and worried about the quality of his work. He is determined to be the best he can be, not only as an athlete, but as a student.

Campaign Activity
Troy posted an update
June 7
My plan

I thank you very much for your donations once again. I will be dropped off by my parent. Also I will already have my equipment packed provided to me by my coach as well. Me and my advocate will surely be ready for this great experience!

Success! Mrs. Lawlor-King helped Troy raise $635
April 7
Joe Lawlor donated $40
April 7

Good luck.

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April 6

Good luck

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March 28

Your application essays were very thoughtful!

Tracy Stefano donated $50
March 21

Good luck and best wishes! You guys had a great season this year and I can’t wait to see your leadership on and off the field next year!

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March 20

Good luck!

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March 20

Keep up the good work, Troy!

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March 20

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March 19
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March 19
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March 19
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February 2