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Cheshire, Connecticut
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Rosie's Story

My passion is medicine. I have long been interested in healthcare, including sports medicine, anatomy, physical therapy, childcare, and neonatal care. I am now very interested in pursuing a career in Nursing. Last summer, I served as a Volunteer staff member at Midstate Hospital (Midstate Medical Center), in Meriden, CT. I worked as a Medical Ambassador and Information Attendant to greet, escort, and provide information to hospital patients, staff, and visitors. I also received training in general medical safety to assist in patient care units and medical offices. This Spring, I will also complete a job shadow program in the healthcare field through my school.

The UConn Pre-College Summer Program specifically offers various Pre-Med options. In addition, the UConn School of Nursing is my first-choice undergraduate school, so that I can earn a B.S. in Nursing. I have a long-term commitment to this career. I have also read the program requirements and think that my GPA, grades, and extracurricular activities will give me a good chance of acceptance.

A Note from Mrs. Kores, Rosie's Teacher

Rosie has a passion for the medical field and has chosen to take Anatomy and Physiology this year. At the UConn Pre-College Summer Program Rosie will get a better understanding of what the field entails as well as experience the rigor of the process.

Campaign Activity
Rosie posted an update
August 16
Thank you!

I had a wonderful time in the UConn Pre-Med Summer Program! It was so great to be able to learn things hands-on in the hospital and talk to the medical staff. I am sure attending this program has helped me become better prepared for college and for pursing a career in health sciences. I really would not have had this kind of opportunity without your help.

Rosie posted an update
May 4
Pre-Attendance Update

I have registered for and am ready to attend the UConn Pre-College Summer Program in Pre-Med this July. Thank you again for donating to my campaign!

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