Angel has applied to attend Education Unlimited Computer Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, CA
Successfully funded on June 1st, 2016!
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Angel's Story

My passion is computer science and performing arts.

When I was 5 years old I remember waiting for my father to come pick me up. When he arrived, we went to our house and he introduced me to a pac-man game. I remember enjoying it and having tremendous fun. In 5th through 8th grade I got interested in Pokemon and computer games. I loved the games that I played so much that I decided that I wanted to be a game creator so that I can make a game that is not only fun but can also teach people new things.

Attending Education Unlimited Computer Camp will allow me to explore all the aspects of graphic design and make me fall more in love with graphic design. It will give me the education that I was always looking for but was never able to find, and give me a great experience for what to expect when I do pursue a job in graphic design and coding. In addition, it will allow me to fulfill my dream of finally attending my 1st computer program and it will get me prepared so that I create games that are not only fun but that tell a unique story.

A Note from Ms. Martin, Angel's Counselor

"Angel is an exceptional candidate for the Education Unlimited Computer Camp because the program directly aligns with his passion of art, design, and technology. This program would give him the access to resources that he otherwise would not have available to him. Angel will benefit from participating because he will gain the necessary computer skills to further his passion. While I myself don't know much about computer design, I am pleased that someone like Angel, who has such a positive outlook on life, will one day become a web designer and have the potential to have an even greater impact on others."

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Success! Ms. Martin helped Angel raise $2,545
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Pay it forward through the use of the education you receive. God bless.

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