Myrka has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Downtown College Prep Alum Rock High School
San Jose, California
Successfully funded on May 8th, 2018!
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Myrka's Story

My passion is soccer.

I started playing soccer when I was in 8th grade. While it was at times difficult during the season, I learned that I really liked the sport. I learned to have patience and run. I feel relieved when I run or when I practice because I felt good learning something new. My passion for soccer is strong because it helped form who I am today. I am happy with the sport. Soccer is still a hard sport to learn because there's a lot of steps to become this big good soccer player.

Attending US Sports Nike Soccer Camp will help me strengthen my soccer skills. This program will help me to pursue my passion for soccer because I want to learn from people who will help push me to accomplish my goal to become a professional soccer player. This will help when I try out to see the skills I need to work on to become an athlete. This program will help me become a better soccer player and meet new people and connect with them.

A Note from Ms. Ellis-Wiard, Myrka's Teacher

Myrka is a person who makes the most out of any opportunity or situation. One of the best examples I can think of is that she is currently playing volleyball for our school to stay in shape for soccer, even though our school does not have a girl's soccer team. I know that she is interested in seeking other soccer-related opportunities, but in the meantime, she has not given up on her passion for being involved in athletics. She is an excellent member of the volleyball team because she is supportive to teammates, enthusiastic, and committed to attending practice.

Myrka is determined to develop her athletic abilities against all odds, and I think that experiencing the validation of participating in a renowned program like US Sports Nike Soccer Camp will fuel her to become her best self. She enjoys working with others and benefits from having a strong community around to support her. I think that she would be a leader at the camp and grow her skills dramatically, which is exactly what she is looking for.

Campaign Activity
Myrka posted an update
August 30
After attending

I want to thank all my donors and Wishbone for giving me this amazing summer opportunity and all the new people and skills I learned in that week I’m so grateful and I loved what I learned .

Success! Ms. Ellis-Wiard helped Myrka raise $715
May 8
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May 8

Your welcome Myrka!

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May 7

We love baby keep up the good work.

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May 6

I love you have fun!

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Jeep working hard

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April 17

Because I love you and appreciate you and you DESERVE this.

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