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Lighthouse Community Charter School
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on May 8th, 2016!
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Khephra's Story

My passion is leadership.

As a kid in school, whenever I would have group work my partners would look to me for direction or guidance. Even now in high school, being a leader is really important for me. For example, in school right now I am the class representative and this is my first year being at Lighthouse Community Charter School (starting as tenth-grader). A few months ago, I joined Student Leadership Group because I know that leadership is a strong interest of mine. I was also really interested in gaining new knowledge of being a leader and growing as a person.

I feel that attending National Teen Leadership Program will help me explore my passion because to me, being a leader is being the first to say "I can change this" and actually doing everything in your power to make those changes possible. I believe that stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a new experience like National Teen Leadership Program can help me to achieve what I see leadership to be.

A Note from Mr. Horowitz, Khephra's Teacher

"Khephra is a wonderful person and excellent student. She works very hard in school and is a positive member of the community. She recently won an award for showing leadership skills and has a great relationship with both her peers and teachers.

Khephra recently joined our high school and has done a wonderful job in a short amount of time of building relationships and showing determination in everything she does. It is clear that she is also very determined to be a part of the National Teen Leadership Program this summer."

Campaign Activity
Khephra posted an update
August 1
My Amazing National Teen Leadership Experience

This summer I went to the National Teen Leadership Program. Thanks to Wishbone, Mr. Horowitz, and friends and family I was able to have an amazing and inspirational experience at California State University, Sacramento. I got a little peek of what it would be like to be away from home and live in a college dorm and be responsible for being on time for activities and events as if they were actual college classes. I got to meet students from all over including California, Utah, and even China! The various workshops, team building activities, and guest speakers changed my perspective and helped me become a better leader. I can't wait to bring what I learned back to the school.

Dinner time in the college cafeteria!
Dinner time in the college cafeteria!
Quotes from the guest speaker Calvin Terrell
Quotes from the guest speaker Calvin Terrell
Success! Mr. Horowitz helped Khephra raise $449
May 8
Anne Horowitz donated $60
May 8

I and my sister donated to support Khephra in her wish to be accepted into this programme. Khepra, we admire your aspiration and wish you all the very best!!!!

Anonymous donated $15
May 2

The force is strong in you Khephra. Sending powerful vibes from across the atlantic...

Anonymous donated $25
May 1

Good luck!!!!

Anonymous donated $20
April 19
Jonathan Saatchi donated $15
April 18

All the best from the UK.

Brittany Horton donated $25
April 13

Best of luck, Khephra!

Mr. Proz donated $15
April 12

"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people." --Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous donated $25
April 12

Good luck to you, young lady. May all of your dreams come true.

Anne Horowitz donated $25
April 12

Khephra, I wish you a happy and successful future.

Sam Braniff donated $10
April 11

Good luck!

Simon Horowitz donated $25
April 11

From the other Mr.H...

Luke Wilkinson donated $15
April 11

Good luck from an old pal of Mr.H

Daniel Horowitz donated $25
April 10
Student Contribution donated $99
April 7
National Teen Leadership Program
National Teen Leadership Program donated $50
April 7
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April 7
Khephra was accepted into Wishbone!
January 29