Alyssa has applied to attend Designer Camp this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
David Starr Jordan High School
Los Angeles, California
Successfully funded on April 26th, 2018!
Fully funded!
$895 raised
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Alyssa's Story

My passion is art. As a child, I was amazed by how my brother’s pencil seemed to dance so gracefully in his godly sketchbook. I remember peering over his shoulder as I watched his artistic freedom script itself in graphite. As I grew older I decided to give it a shot myself. The out poor of compliments from my elementary peers made me feel so odd as it was something I had never experienced before. With every new piece of work over the years I began to blossom and even begin to become noticed. I made new friends and began to feel welcomed by something that was seen as a talent given from the Gods. Although I didn’t and still don’t see my talent like this, I did adore how it brought more people into my life who not only inspired me to do more and even better. That’s why art is my passion.

Attending Designer Camp will help me pursue my passion for art by inspiring my artistic freedom, learning new techniques and expanding my knowledge of other and new art forms, getting to connect with new friends, and being inspired by the world around me.

A Note from Ms. Cibulsky, Alyssa's Teacher

Alyssa is a remarkable artist and has been able to grow and develop in this talents. Alyssa creates beautiful art. She simply dedicates herself to practicing all the time to improve; it is her determination that allows her to strengthen her craft. Even in the past year and a half alone I have seen Alyssa's art become so much more mature and refined, and I am proud to display certain of her works on the walls on my classroom--and they never fail to get compliments from current students asking as to the identity of the talented artist. Designer Camp will allow Alyssa the chance for her passion for art to be shared even more. The program will expose her to new opportunities and viewpoints that she would not get the chance to consider otherwise.

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Success! Ms. Cibulsky helped Alyssa raise $895
April 26
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