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Alexandra's Story

My passion is social justice.

I discovered my passion for social justice when I started to open my eyes and realize how unfair some laws are, and how it affects innocent people. I've gotten the chance to see the difficulties and struggles people have from all different races. I am open minded, and I always try to not judge a person because you may not know their story. My mother has taught me to always pay close attention to laws because people sometimes tend to be biased about certain laws to win a trial or argument.

Attending Education Unlimited Public Speaking Institute will help me be more aware about laws and hopefully get the chance to meet new people, help people, and experience it by going or doing things around social justice to reassure myself about my passion towards social justice. By meeting new people, I will practice being more social and getting out of my comfort zone. By learning more about social justice, I can maybe get internships at places translating for people and teaching them about social justice.

A Note from Ms. Dutton, Alexandra's Teacher

Alexandra is a very enthusiastic and hardworking person. I have no doubt that if she were to harness her public speaking skills through attending Education Unlimited Public Speaking Institute, she would choose to use them for the greater good of her community and her classmates. Alexandra is part of student government, and so she has many spaces to exercise what she learns and gain more skills as a leader.

Campaign Activity
Alexandra posted an update
August 30
UC Berkeley Experience

To start off I came to this program thinking "this is going to be hard...." and it actually was truly hard, but then at the same time, it was very interesting. It had me hooked the whole time to learn new things and meeting people from all over the world. I created some bonds with a girl from Italy, Hong Kong, Sacramento, and Virginia. Which to me is pretty cool and such a blessing because I saw they're perspective and I got to learn some interesting things about their culture. For example in Italy pizza with pineapple isn't a thing, it's only an American thing. Besides that I enhanced my public speaking by the end of the program I had a speech for 5 minutes about UC'S in LA, which was pretty cool since many of the students aren't from California. I also got to experience how the government way of discussing ideas worked. I got to debate whether we should stop fossil fuels which were very interesting as well as learning how some underground job can benefit the government so much. I am truly thankful to the people who helped me in my campaign so that I could attend this program. Thank you soo much! This won't be the only time I will stand out or talk about concerns around the world. I will keep doing so and one day is able to help make those changes.

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First Day
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Last Day ( Presentation day)
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I think public speaking is an important tool--and I hope this course is valuable for you.

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