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Fine Arts
Eastside College Preparatory School
East Palo Alto, CA
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Cynthia's Story

My passion is drawing.

I discovered my passion for drawing and art when I was five mostly because of my sisters' influences. All of my sisters consider themselves artists, and they always encouraged me to continue drawing and would even buy me art supplies. As a result, I began making my own characters and drawing them with exaggerated features. As I got older, I felt more inspired in trying to make my drawings look more realistic and less cartoonish.

I think attending Academy of Art will help me explore my passion for art because it will allow me to find new ways to express art through different mediums rather than just drawing with pencil and paper. Also, this program would expose me to new people who have valuable knowledge about art techniques that can help me learn and improve. It would also allow me to understand art as an industry.

A Note from Ms. Filo, Cynthia's Teacher

"Cynthia has an eye for details as well as a sense of creativity. She does not give up easily and is a perfectionist in her work. I am amazed at her ability to look at something and realistically duplicate it by using pencil or painting.

She will benefit from this program by being exposed to other art students with interests and abilities like hers as well as new art mediums and teaching styles. Academy of Art will help her in seeing what direction she would like to take her art in college."

Campaign Activity
Cynthia posted an update
August 30
Thank You for this Experience

Thank you to all of those who helped me be able to attend this program at the Academy of Art and really become more passionate and motivated as an artist. It really gave me a lot of insight as to what it's like to attend classes in a super busy city like San Francisco. I learned not only a lot about the basics in art, such as pattern, texture, perspective, and 3D modeling, but I think I've become a lot more independent because of this experience. I became much more comfortable with navigating by myself in a large city as well as making sure to be consistent with my work and making sure to meet deadlines for my final art work. I also met a lot of students my age who are passionate about art and it was was a really interesting experience getting to know them and seeing their different styles of art and interests. Overall, it was a very unique and learning filled experience that I don't think I'll ever forget.

Cynthia posted an update
July 18
My Experience at the Academy of Art Summer Pre-college Program So Far!

I've had a really fun time in my classes at the Academy of Art. I am taking character design, intro to illustration, intro to 3D modeling and animation, as well as comic book illustration. Through these four class, I've learned so much about the basics of color, anatomy, perspective and other techniques in different mediums (such as ink or watercolor). What I've worked on so far is animating one of my own sketches through the program Maya, creating my own versions of characters from Red Riding Hood, and working with other classmates to create a comic book with our own original plot. The work can be challenging at times but it is really exciting. It has also been interesting listening to my teachers talk about their experiences in the industry and what it's like to take on illustration as a career.

A rough sketch of a character that I'm animating
A rough sketch of a character that I'm animating
Cynthia posted an update
June 8
Excited for the Academy of Art Precollege Program!

Thank you to all of those who contributed to my campaign and helped me achieve my goal of being able to attend the Academy of Art Summer Precollege Program. It means a lot to be able to engage in something that I'm passionate about and that I know will help me further my skills and understanding of art. I will be sure to post photos of my classes and future projects once I begin attending to update you. Thanks again, I am excited for this experience.

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I was an English major who struggled to finish my degree with little support from anyone. I want to make it easier for someone else to pursue the arts.

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