Jocelyn has applied to attend UCA Cheer Summer Camp this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Phillip & Sala Burton High School
San Francisco, CA
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Jocelyn's Story

My passion is dance.

This became my passion in third grade after I joined a dance after-school program with my friends. When we started the choreography and technique, it just came naturally to me. I loved how the music sounded and how my body could move with it; the music just runs through me. Sometimes I find myself dancing in the street or completely out of no where.

At this camp, I hope to develop better discipline and learn to expand my range of dance and cheer. Of course, cheer combines dance and music, so it's a great fit for me. I hope to improve my cheerleading by learning how to tumble and sharpening up my moves.

A Note from Ms. Traverso, Jocelyn's Teacher

"Jocelyn is the most hard working student athlete on the team. She consistently balances school and cheer so that she can make time for both. With Jocelyn, I never have to worry about grades being an issue. Jocelyn is also one of the leaders on the team. Within the first couple of weeks, she became the first captain for their first JV football game.

Jocelyn is a good candidate for UCA Cheer Summer Camp because attending would help her broaden her leadership skills and improve her stunting. At cheer camp, she will be able to continue to lead her team in a positive way.

Campaign Activity
Jocelyn posted an update
August 11
After Cheer Camp!

UCA cheer camp was something totally different for me as well as the rest of my team. We learned so many new cheers and a dance that we are currently incorporating into our routine for freshman orientation. We started at 8 a.m. and finished around 8:30 p.m. I was exhausted and couldn’t wait for our lunch break and night time! We performed in front of other teams a lot and even talked to some of them. We also had a “big sister,” which was sort of like our team’s counselor. She helped go over cheers we were learning and helped us with our final performance, which went really well. I learned so many things, like how to base in a stunt properly so my arms don't give out as quickly, how to jump better, different cheers, and I got to bond with my team which was cool.

Jocelyn posted an update
June 25

First thank you again for supporting me, it means so much to me to be being able to attend cheer camp. I'm excited to learn how to stunt, learn new jumps, how to be sharp, and just in general learn new skills. I've never been able to go to camp, so this is my first time being away from home for so long. To be honest, I'm excited because I'll have my friends there with me and I know that I'll have fun because everything that'll be learning will ultimately help me become a better cheerleader.

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Go, Jocelyn! From some old Miraloma friends. :)

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April 11

I was inspired by her passion for dance and the endorsement from Ms. Traverso. Good luck!

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March 26
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