Jonathan has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Francis T. Maloney High School
Meriden, CT
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Jonathan's Story

My passion is soccer.

I discovered my passion for soccer at the age of 8, but have been playing the sport since I was 5 years old. The feeling I had for scoring a goal, assisting, getting passed a defender made me love the game more. It was a feeling of love and passion for the game. It was around the age of 8 when I realized that I wanted to become a professional soccer player or do something with my life that involved soccer. My dad was the one who taught me how to play soccer, but it was my decision to play the game. Every day after school I would go outside and play soccer. Whether it was with some friends or just practicing on my own I enjoyed every minute of it. To this day I still continue to practice and every time I play a game I LOVE every minute of it.

A Note from Mr. PAGE, Jonathan's Teacher

Jonathan plays soccer with enthusiasm that is a pleasure to watch. He does not have to be the player that scores the winning goal, and understands the importance of all parts of the game. He is a great team player.

Jonathan would benefit immensely from attending the US Sports Nike Soccer Camp in many ways. He would be able to work with other highly qualified coaches, play with other soccer players above his skill level, and experience competing with players of various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

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Jonathan posted an update
August 14
Jonathan's wishbone

I would like to thank you for donating. It was a fun experience and I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot both on and off the field when I went to the camp. This camp made me realize what I want to do after high school. I made new friends, was able to learn on my own, and overcame obstacles that were in my way. Thank you for donating.

Jonathan posted an update
May 3
Nike soccer camp

I am going to be participating in the Nike soccer camp at Sacred Heart University. I am really excite about going to this camp. I feel that this camp is going to help me with my overall game. Being able to play with kids my age and same level will me improve as a player. Also having coaches their would be beneficial as well by being able to get tips and advice from the coaches their. I am looking forward to the types of drills that would be doing to improve my game. Also I will be looking forward to playing other kids the same level as me because I am competitive. I chose this program because it would provide me with an incredible experience and playing college soccer is a goal of mine.

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