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Kimberly's Story

Described by her sponsor teacher as a Renaissance woman, Kim is looking forward to specializing in psychology in college. She can get a head start this summer studying her favorite subject at Barnard College.

Campaign Activity
Kimberly posted an update
August 6
Learning About the Mind

I had a great week at Barnard. I was able to learn about studies used to understand how an infant's mind works. I even got to visit the Children's Museum to study the interactions between children. It was a very interesting week where I got to look into what I actually want to study when I go to college. This experience made me positive about my decision to major in child psychology. I'm glad I got the opportunity through Wishbone!

Kimberly posted an update
June 18
A College Experience

Being that this is my last summer as a high school student, the Barnard summer program will allow me to get a full college experience, similar to the one I’ll be living in the fall of 2013. I hope to be able to challenge myself with new fields of study and let me independence grow this summer. I’m excited to be able to learn about real majors that I might be interested in studying when I attend college. I want to go into this program with an open mind and take my chances with unknown courses. College is starting to approach, so being at Barnard this summer will truly help me decide what I want to do when I get to college.

Success! Kimberly's campaign raised $825
April 20
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April 20