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Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School
New York, NY
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Jacquiana's Story

My passion is bringing people together.

As long as I can remember, I've been committed to the idea of community. Part of what I like about the arts, including culinary arts, is the possibility for bringing others together. I have been an avid home cook since I was six years old; the first dish I made on my own was scrambled eggs. As a ninth grader, I am occasionally responsible for cooking for my family. I take this responsibility seriously. I would like an opportunity to attend classes at the ICC so that I can learn techniques and skills.

I think that by being part of a community of learners, I bring my enthusiasm and strengths to the course work. Additionally, I will share whatever I learn with my family and my school community.

I recently have learned that there might be a student-run cafe at WHEELS next year. I would love the chance to be a part of planning exciting, healthy, delicious snacks. I would bring whatever I learn from the ICC into my school community, at WHEELS.

A Note from Ms. MacNeil, Jacquiana's Mentor

"Jacquiana is a student who is eager for new experiences and ready to expand her horizons. Jacquiana is a thoughtful, gracious, hard working young woman. I expect that she would bring her entire self into any learning community fortunate enough to count her in its ranks. Jacquiana is keen to serve as a student member of our Good Flavor Farms/WHEELS partnership this spring. Next fall, she would bring whatever she learns at the ICC to the table, literally, as she explores and shares way to prepare the farm fresh veggies farm share participants receive."

Campaign Activity
Jacquiana posted an update
August 31
My Amazing Time at ICC

I had a lot of fun at ICC. I met two lovely girls who were very kind to me and we had so much fun cooking together and sharing our stories and hanging out together. I felt so professional at the program and very welcome. Thank you so much for this opportunity for me to go to ICC.

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