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Technology & Engineering
Energy Tech High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 2nd, 2018!
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Jeffrey's Story

My passion is robotics.

I discovered this wonderful passion for robotics when I heard about my high school's robotics team. I was immediately curious and attended this club to learn more about robotics so it would benefit my future career. As I attended these meetings, I would become fascinated by the amount of creativity and real-life applications robotics is used for. As a result, I began seeing videos and other sources, thus influencing my passion for robotics.

Robotics and game design are subjects that immediately grab my attention. Attending iD Tech Camps New York would incorporate my robotics understanding and use it to design games. I would also do this the other way around, the creativity that this program would offer is sure to satisfy my desire for robotics knowledge and I would get more familiar with the design and the coding involved to tell what my game and robot to do.

A Note from Mr. Morris, Jeffrey's Teacher

Jeffrey is an excellent candidate for iD Tech Camps New York because of his strong interest in coding. As mentioned above, in his role as the head of the mechanical team, he consistently works with the coding team and has helped troubleshoot issues and last-minute emergencies. Additionally, Jeffrey is an especially hard worker. He is willing to put in the extra effort to make sure he truly gets something out of this experience. Jeffrey will greatly benefit from participating in this program. He will be able to learn more about coding, which he can pair with his knowledge of mechanics. The pairing of those skills can be a great asset to Jeffrey's future; he will be able to build something and program it, too.

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Eres el orgullo de tu familia Jeffrey, sigue adelante y que se realicen todos tus sueños!

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Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

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All the best for you mi hijo precioso

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I am very excited and verry happy for your future

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We love you Jeffrey and we are proud to call you our cousin!

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Because I believe you !!! Just do it whit your ❤️

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I wish you the best, mijo

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