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Leadership Public School Richmond
Richmond, California
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Esmeralda's Story

My passion is volleyball.

I first discovered volleyball in elementary school. I joined the team but I did not think much of it. It was until I was in 7th grade and my middle school started a volleyball team. I joined and I realized that I loved to play volleyball. I loved everything about and I from that moment I knew that volleyball was for me. Thanks to that now I play volleyball for my high school team and I love every second of it.

Attending US Sports Nike Volleyball Camps will help me pursue my passion. It will help me because I still need to improve my volleyball skills as a teammate and as a player. Going to this camp will give me an amazing opportunity to improve my volleyball skills and become a better player. The camp will also develop my communication and team skills. It can also help me by being able to become a stronger overhand server and maybe even teach me new strategies that I can use when I play.

A Note from Ms. Clark, Esmeralda's Teacher

Esmeralda is an excellent candidate for US Sports Nike Volleyball Camps because she a dedicated and talented student athlete. She just completed a season on the JV girls volleyball team where excelled while also maintaining a very strong GPA and focus on her studies. She sets goals and consistently reaches them in her academics, sports and social life. For example at the beginning of school year all incoming freshman go on a 2 day Freshman Retreat to UC Davis. Day one of this retreat was the first time I met Esmeralda as her brand new Advisor. I am her Advisor for all 4 years of her high school experience. On this first day Esmeralda set a goal of "being less shy" and then proceeded to socialize and make friends with all the other students in our Advisory and other incoming freshman. She also spoke up and offered to represent her Advisory in a contest that required her to perform in front of the whole 9th grade class. I was so impressed with how she met her goal that I awarded her the Puma of the Retreat for our Advisory (each Advisory picked 1 student for Puma of the Retreat). Esmeralda would benefit tremendously from this volleyball camp because she has so much passion, drive, and skill for the sport, but has yet to be able to focus all her energy on volleyball. Having a week or more of a camp all about volleyball will her build her skills, encourage her passion, and provide an all around very meaningful and fulfilling experience for her.

Campaign Activity
Esmeralda posted an update
July 26

Camp was so fun. I got to meet people from all over the world. I made some friends from Brazil and some from Norway. I also got to improve so much on my volleyball skills. I’m so glad that I had this amazing opportunity and that I was able to attend camp. I would definitely do this again.

Esmeralda posted an update
July 24
Pre- attendance update

Camp is almost here and I’m supper nervous but I’m also very excited. I hope I get to learn new things and make new friends. I’m so grateful that I was able to get this opportunity.

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April 27
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April 27
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April 20
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April 20

Good luck with camp.

Anonymous donated $45
April 19

Wishing you all the best at camp!

Cynthia Eagleton donated $10
April 19

Have a great time at camp! I know that the skills you gain will propel you to that next step and that next step will take you further on the journey that is your life. Much support and success to you!

Vicki Magee donated $25
April 19

I wish you all the best, Esme!

Anonymous donated $25
April 19
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April 17
Geneva Harrison donated $25
April 16

So excited for you!! Have an amazing time at the program!!

Susan Erickson donated $31
April 14
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April 13

I hope you learn lots at the training!

-Ms. Langhals
Piner High School
Santa Rosa CA

Brad Sagara donated $25
April 13
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April 12

Go be a rock star, Esmeralda!

Kristin Damrow donated $20
April 12
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April 10

I'm stoked to help raise money for this and for you to attend this camp, Esme!

Gertrude Muench donated $60
April 10

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