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Liberal Arts
New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science IV
New York City, New York
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Sarah's Story

My passion is medicine.

Since the age of 5, I always wanted to be a doctor. My mom is a pediatrician and when she would tell me how her day was and that she worked with children, I was captivated immediately. As I grew up, I started to find other professions in the medical field. Another field that really stood out to me was an OBGYN. I really love working with children and to be able to assist with the birth process seems breathtaking to me. I see myself working in Pediatrics for the rest of my life. My mom is the boss of her work and the amount of respect she gets is motivational for me because being an African American female many times we are not associated with intellect. Going to college, medical school and finishing residency would give me a feeling of accomplishing my purpose in the world.

What really stood out to me about Centenary Summer Scholars was the fact that we will be staying at the campus and attending classes that fit my interest for medicine. Taking college courses will help me understand what type of mentality I need to acquire for the start of my college career. I am also really excited that I will have the opportunity to attend events that happen around the college. This is a big deal for me because I really love focusing on my academics, however I am very social. Having time to interact with people after I finish rigorous work would really make my summer worth while. Going to college for the first time is nerve wracking, however attending this program would allow me to dabble into what college is like.

A Note from Ms. Zeng, Sarah's Teacher

Sarah has a passion for medicine. When Sarah knew I was planning to have a baby, she told me that she wanted to be an OBGYN in the future. She went home and searched the considerations that related to pregnancy online, then she came back and told me the next day. From her eyes and tones, I could tell that she was eager to be an OBGYN.

Sarah is an excellent candidate for Centenary Summer Scholars. Her desire to help people will contribute greatly to her becoming an outstanding OBGYN in the future. This summer program will provide her various helpful medical experiences and knowledge that will give Sarah useful tools and strategies to use in the practice of the medical field. I believe the experiences at Centenary Summer Scholars will prepare her for her future career.

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She's a lovely sister

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Best of luck on your future endeavors- AMS IV Family

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I am excited for Sarah to take advantage of this opportunity.

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