Mavis has applied to attend ETC Access to Adventure this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Environmental & Outdoors
Abraham Lincoln High School
San Francisco, CA
Successfully funded on May 1st, 2017!
Fully funded!
$2,100 raised
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Mavis's Story

My passion is environmental conservation.

Being outdoors in the nature is really something I love to do. I enjoy every type of fitness when it comes to being outdoors. At school, I took an Advanced Placement Environmental Science class. In this class, I learned all about the environments we live in, what's happening around the world, and especially what kind of damages us human put out to mother nature. Because of this, it allowed me to anticipate that in the future, our world will be damaged and wrecked if we don't help conserve our environment and our community, this will eventually lead to a bigger problem.

A Note from Ms. Tircuit-Peitso, Mavis's Teacher

I think as a city kid Mavis spends a ton of time around cars and technology and having access to this kind of natural program will be a chance to grow her skill set. She really loves working with kids and being a youth leader. I know from when I was in high school and doing similar outdoors programs it gave me a confidence that I kept with me for decades after.

Campaign Activity
Mavis posted an update
May 3

Thank you all for donating! I'm beyond excited to attend to this ETC program where I'll be spending most of my time outdoors while learning and developing leadership skills. I chose ETC Youth LEAD Access to Adventure because I wanted to spend some time away from electronics, social media, etc., and just enjoy nature! Again, Thank you!

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May 1
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March 21
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February 1