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Technology & Engineering
Cristo Rey High School San Jose
San Jose, California
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Michael's Story

My passion is game design.

I discovered my passion for Game Design because it always interested me as a kid how a small group of people or just 1 person could create such an amazing world and community out of just a bunch of pixels. I also always wanted to have my own take at trying to make my very own world and community that I have control over to do whatever I feel like doing. For example, I could make it fun, scary, or something entirely unique.

ID Tech Camps SF Bay Area will help me pursue my passion for game design because of all the unique different types of game design programs they have. For example, they have different types of coding languages available to everyone including Java and C++, as well as level design and 3D modeling, which will help me become an even better game designer. Another reason this camp will help me pursue my passion is because of their strong community that has formed overtime. For example, since the community is very strong, I could become more engaged in the program with everybody else.

A Note from Mr. Jarrett, Michael's Teacher

Michael is intelligent, confident in his ideas, and works hard. In fact, he earned one of the top awards last June recognizing his good work ethic and tremendous growth throughout the year. I have no doubts that his work ethic, creativity, and curiosity make him a great candidate for an iD Tech Camp. This program will provide Michael another way to use his creativity. It will enrich his passion for gaming.

I can see Michael sharing whatever he learns at iD Tech with his buddies, perhaps even doing little project on their own. Ultimately, I envision Michael taking our AP Computer Science class before graduating. The iD Tech course he takes this summer will be great background for him to be successful in that course.

Campaign Activity
Michael posted an update
August 16
I reckon that's that

Well as expected it went great! I was able to learn much more about programming and more about how college may end up being like.

Michael posted an update
May 14
One Step Closer to Paradise

I would like to thank all those who were able to donate to my campaign because now I am able to experience one of my favorite things to do, as well as my potential future. I will write about how my experience goes in my post-attendance once I finally go in July.

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April 9
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