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Environmental & Outdoors
MSTMA at Roosevelt High School
Los Angeles, California
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Ashley's Story

My passion is ecology. History has always fascinated me, but as I grew up I began to find greater interest in the way people socialize and the important role we as humans have to create a better world for ourselves, through peaceful and effective collaborations. Through exposure to many opportunities, I began realizing that many contemporary problems will not be solved by a single group of people from one country, but instead by a group of people from different corners of the Earth.

I believe Ecology Project International: Hawaii will help me experience first hand how interacting and socializing with others to learn will be more effective than working alone. In addition, studying the ecology of Hawaii will make me more knowledgeable on the topic of Environment Conservation, which is an issue that needs immediate attention. Current powers have made direct attacks to the environment, and the world community has to come together to solve that growing issue.

A Note from Mrs. Morris, Ashley's Mentor

Ashley is an ideal candidate for Ecology Project International: Hawaii because she is a mature scholar who has the heart and mind to take on this endeavor. She has a deep understanding of what it means to be a global citizen and is committed to ensuring she makes the most of every experience. She will undoubtedly be a wonderful leader in the community. She will benefit from having a cross-cultural experience, something that most individuals in her community are not afforded. Her leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills will be honed and developed over the course of this excursion.

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