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Performing Arts
High School in the Community Academy for Law and Social Justice
New Haven, CT
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Francis's Story

My passion is photography.

I started to realize my passion for photography recently. I find photography interesting because it is an open form of expression. I enjoy to take scenic photographs while I'm hiking with my friends. My favorite expression to capture is happiness and I also like to photograph the outdoors. I believe that attending this camp will help me to better my understanding of photography and also allow me to make new friends who share interests with me. I really look forward to making new friends who can come and take photos with me even after the program is over.

A Note from Ms. Marzialo, Francis's Teacher

Frankie is a good candidate for the YPI Summer Arts Camp because he is highly motivated to learn and explore. He is highly inquisitive and he seeks answers. He uses his experiences to learn, reflecting on what he has done in order to figure out what to do next. Being in an environment outside of the city where he is able to hone his talents with people around him who care about both the arts and the participants engaged in learning the arts will be an experience that Frankie will not take lightly. It will give him the opportunity to meet others who do not live in his area and expose him to different beliefs. He is a highly intelligent young man who wants to become smarter, and he knows that in order to become smarter, he needs to learn more. YPI Summer Arts Camp will have different expectations from him than his school and neighborhood have had for him, and he values that it will push his thinking beyond what he understands about the world.

Campaign Activity
Francis posted an update
August 10
Post Attendance Survey

I had an amazing time, I met a lot of unique people and hope that they will remain in touch. The teachers were great, they were very friendly and professional which made the class time fly by. I walked in with very limited knowledge of photography and now I am very confident in my photography skills. Jeff was one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met, he kept in touch with me prior to attending the camp to make sure everything was going smoothly and made sure that I felt comfortable during my stay at YPI.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible for me I honestly have no idea how I can ever say thank you enough!

I also have a lot more pictures but some of them aren't uploading right now, I also developed a lot of them and cant put them on digital format right now

Francis posted an update
May 2
YPI Summer Camp

I will be attending YPI summer camp for photography in the summer, and I am beyond excited to be meeting other people who are as passionate about photography as I am. I hope to learn a lot more about it as well. The program will also be allowing me a change of scenery as opposed to the usual cityscape, and it will let me take pictures I feel more comfortable taking.

I chose this program because photography was always something that stuck with me. I was never good at other forms of expression or art and whenever I'm walking or driving around, I always see beautiful sights and think, "that would've made a great picture." This program will help me to further understand what makes a good photograph.

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Good luck!!

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Good luck!!!

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Good luck in the last weeks of your campaign, I know you're really passionate about your workshop and I have no doubts you'll be there this summer.
- Nicki

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Best of luck to you! I love photography and carry my camera around often. I enjoy exploring the world through the camera lens.

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Good luck Frankie!!

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Good luck Frankie! Love your cousins Joe & Sam.

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