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Science & Medicine
LPS Oakland R&D Campus
Oakland, CA
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Aline's Story

My passion is Medicine, and helping others.

I discovered my passion for helping others when I started communicating with different people and discovered that I can help them learn new things.. I love to help others in anyway possible even if I don’t get anything in exchange. Experiencing the feeling of helping people is something that others get or have. Also, studying or researching medicine and health has been my passion since I was preparing myself for new things. Having and computing cures to help people live better makes me look forward to studying more about human health and medicine. I am passionate about medicine and healthcare. I will be glad if I discover that studying medicine and healthcare will be what I want to do as soon as I step a foot into my future college. I am passionate about making a change for not just myself, but everyone around me.

Attending the program will help me explore my passion by studying for my future career. It will help me set my mind to achieving all my goals including going to college and studying medicine to help find new cures that might save lives. It will help me explore my passion to help people, and feel good about what I am doing. Attending the program will help me improve the skills I have now. It will help me have a better idea of how working with different people doing the same thing I am passionate about will be like. Also, this program will help me a lot to explore my passion because I will be able to experience how it is to be working with medicine and other wonderful things like health care. Knowing I have such a amazing opportunity that may impact my whole future excites me.

I come from two hard working parents that have taught me that working hard will help me achieve anything that I want. My family doesn't have the most favorable opportunities when it comes to jobs, housing or having all sorts of luxuries due to their immigration status. This has made my life a bit complicated, being the middle child and first to be born in the United States. Knowing I have a chance to provide my family with everything they have never had. It puts a lot of pressure on me personally because I don’t want to let my family down. I also want to set a good example for my younger sister. Being raised in Oakland hasn’t been a big advantage when it comes to schooling or even living my daily life. Having to worry of my surrounding while walking home or even being at home. Living in Oakland has made me realize that no one will provide you with anything. Also, having loved ones and people I have known killed because of drugs, violence, gangs or just because of a unexplained reason is a thing I have to live with and overcome every day. Going to school in Oakland all my life, and having different teachers and going to different schools I have seen and experienced teachers putting us “Oakland kids” down just because of our racial background, the way we speak, or act. Being discriminated because of the way I speak or the color or my skin has something I have overcame my whole life. Teachers and others around me telling me and my peers we will never succeed because we don’t come from the suburbs or a rich family, is a big thing that runs through my mind on a daily basis. I am working to overcome all these things by trying my best in school and everything I do. To make my family, peers, and all the people who have once told me I could or could not achieve everything I want. I want to make myself proud and make all the people who don’t have the opportunity to do what I am doing proud too.

A Note from Mr. Leon, Aline's Mentor

Aline has great potential and is capable of reaching all of her goals. She is one of the few students that I have come across that is self motivated, hardworking and resilient. She does not allow little things to distract her from reaching her goal.

Aline is constantly researching opportunities related to health care and helping others. Aline has a very strong passion to supporting and helping others. She has joined many different after school programs to find ways of getting more experience/knowledge of the health/medical field. When we go to visit colleges and universities, she is asking questions concerning the medicine.

Aline is a good candidate for the NSLC Medicine and Healthcare because it will help her become more informed of the health/medical field. Her leadership skills will be put to good use. She is dedicated and has strong leadership skills.

Attending the conference will give Aline a much more clear understanding of what will need to be done in order to obtain a career in the health/medical field and at the same time will place her amongst other young people that would like to pursue a similar career and professionals that are in the field doing work.

Campaign Activity
Aline posted an update
June 7
Thank you, Excited for NSLC Medicine & Healthcare at UC Berkeley

I am going to be participating in the NSLC Medicine & Healthcare camp this summer. I am really excited to join because it will give me the chance to see what my future career will be like. I feel that I don't really get the chance to explore what I am actually interested in at school and this program is exactly what I need to help me be more involved with the medical field. I strongly think that this program will open my mind about what working with medicine and healthcare will be like.

I am also looking forward to working with other people that come from the bay. People who will be my age and share the same interests as me. I chose this program because, like I have mentioned, I don't know many people who share my interests and this program will give me the opportunity to meet some of them. I have always had a great passion for medicine, and I have also always enjoyed working with people who share my passions. I think this program will help me decide if I actually want to major in medicine.

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