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Liberal Arts
Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology
New York City, New York
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Jonathan's Story

My passion is coding. Ever since I was younger, I have always had a love of computers and consoles. With that love comes a natural curiosity about how each and every aspect of these systems actually works. Although I did not have the opportunity to be exposed to any form of coding until my freshmen year of high school, I finally joined a program where I learned front end web development and the three main coding languages: Java, CSS, and HTML. I immediately recognized that coding was something I wanted to pursue, it gives such a satisfying feeling when you set out to create code and then complete it.

I believe that Centenary Summer Scholars will help me pursue my passion for coding because it will allow me to be exposed to new coding languages that can aid me in my development as a professional coder. With Centenary Summer Scholars, I will have the chance to meet like-minded people my age who posses the same interest as me, giving me a networking opportunity as well as possible future contacts and connections. This can be an event in my life that polishes my coding skills, while also me to be even more creative.

A Note from Mr. Todd, Jonathan's Teacher

Jonathan is an exceptionally bright young man who is still working towards realizing his full potential. In the 15 months I have known him, he has made important strides in this regard, embracing his responsibilities and seeking out opportunities to further his interests. Jonathan is naturally curious about the world and has a keen sense of how the world is working around him, which enables him to adapt to a variety of situations and perform in a manner appropriate to the moment at hand. This awareness also makes Jonathan keenly aware of how the world works against students like him, which is why the Centenary Summer Scholars program will be so powerful for him.

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May 18
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May 18

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