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Francisco's Story

My passion is Engineering, Helping others, creativity and art.

When I was little, I always liked to build many things with objects that were around me. Over time, I started to develop my passion of creating new things and creativity. Now that I'm a student, currently attending high school, I have started to focus more on my future than my past. I start to think about what I want to study in college and who I want to be after college. I focus more about my passions and try to find ways I can develop them. I like art as well as mathematics. I think these two subjects go together on what I'm striving for.

Attending to the Santa Clara University Summer Engineering Seminar would be a big privilege. This is an excellent program for me to discover my passions for engineering and communication. Most Importantly I would know a lot of people who are similar to me because of the passions that we all share and maybe the goals. This would be a great opportunity for me as a student to attend the Santa Clara University Summer Engineering Seminar because the college I want to go to is Santa Clara University.

A Note from Ms. Kamal, Francisco's Teacher

Francisco will be a strong candidate for this program because he is a self driven student, ambitious and highly motivated. He will be able to thrive in a rigorous college course because he has been excelling academically, earning the Dean's list for his high GPA for two consecutive years. Francisco has been able to construct designs in Visual Arts, communicate and discuss his ideas professionally in English Socratic Seminars, and test theories and practice solving problems in Chemistry and Geometry. His passionate for doing well in academics, his success in his courses, and his ability to seek support from adults when needed are all evidence that he can truly be successful in a university setting. Francisco will also be taking the ACT in the spring, therefore meeting the testing requirement for the engineering program and has been enrolled in the ACT Aspire practice program with the rest of the sophomore class. He is brilliant minded, always asking insightful questions, seeking feedback for improvement, and generating conversations with adults around campus on various subject matters. Our school lacks programs such as an engineering course, a robotics club, etc and Francisco's hardship makes him unable to pay for such courses and activities offered in the private sector. He will be thoroughly challenged academically by given the opportunity to participate in Santa Clara's Summer Engineering Seminar and be more prepared for taking AP courses upon his return to school as a junior in the fall. Finally, Francisco may be only a 10th grader but he is a student in Leadership and able to take initiative on creating school events, assemblies, delegating tasks to classmates, and helping improve school culture on campus. The soft skills he has gained in Leadership, such as collaboration, persistence, and maintaining a moral character, will all allow him to naturally fit into the program's camaraderie and community.

Campaign Activity
Francisco posted an update
June 8
Excited for the Santa Clara University Summer Engineering Seminar

I'm really excited about attending to the Santa Clara Summer Engineering Seminar this summer. I have many questions to ask some of the engineers that I will be seeing there. I'm excited to see people that have the same goals as me. Meeting new people that share the same qualities that I have can empower me to achieve more. I believe that this program will give me motivation to climb the ladder to my dream. I can't wait to have an unforgettable experience at the Santa Clara University Summer Engineering Seminar.

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