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Technology & Engineering
Richmond High School
Richmond, CA
Successfully funded on May 13th, 2016!
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Rafael's Story

My passion is Engineering.

The way I discovered my passion was when I first joined the robotics team at Richmond High School. When I joined it was at a club rush at my school and they told me it was good on a college application so I took the advantage. The first day, I was already put to work and it was fast but exciting. After 4 months prior to me joining, the team was given a challenge by F.I.R.S.T (The organization running the robotics club), and we had to build a robot in 6 weeks that could build stacks of 6 and score on a platform for points. Then, after that we took the robot to Madera and San Diego to go compete against teams all over the world. It was an extraordinary experience, I do not think I would trade anything for the experience I had. I will stay in robotics all four years of high school and I will come back to help after that.

National Youth Leadership Forum on Engineering and Technology will help me explore my passion for engineering by exposing me to bigger things in life. It will give me knowledge about the depths engineering can go. It can also help me believe that with everything I am going to learn will help me change the world for the better. It will extend my knowledge about pursuing a career in engineering, and possible change the world for the world for the better who knows. Engineering so far has already taken me places where I did not really know or believed engineering can go. This is why I want to pursue engineering so I can explore the deep ends of engineering and it can also determine if engineering is the right path for me.

A Note from Ms. Arriaga, Rafael's Counselor

I strongly believe that Rafael is a good candidate for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Engineering & Technology because he is highly motivated, innovative, and familiar with engineering. Through Robotics, Rafael has been exposed to concepts and had some experience with hands-on work in creating a robot and competition against teams from all across the globe. However, his exposure is limited to a small cohort of students and a couple of mentors with experience in the engineering field. I believe that this opportunity will make Rafael a more competitive college applicant and will give him an opportunity to identify a field within engineering that he wants to pursue.

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Happy to help out in our support of Rafael's attending National Youth Leadership Forum. Hope this experience provides a wonderful growth and education opportunity.

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Keep on striving to be the best that you can be.

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Keep fostering your interesting in Technology & Engineering. Best of luck!

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