Michael has applied to attend UCLA Nanoscience Lab Summer Institute this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School
Los Angeles, CA
Successfully funded on June 18th, 2015!
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Michael's Story

My passion is medicine.

To whom or what would you say you owe your life to? Your mother, father, family, or religion? My answer to this question is easily answered: modern medicine. Before I was born, my mother lost three children in the womb, all due to poor eating habits and very low sustenance. As my parents struggled with this problem, the prominent question lingered: How would I survive? The answer to this was the modern miracle of medical science. My parents decided that frequent visits to the hospital, constant vigilance of my well-being, and helpful supplements such as vitamins and iron would be the best chance to my survival. When I was given this account of my birth, the only question I had left was: How can medicine be so powerful? Since then, I have been interested in medicine, and I literally owe everything to science.

There is no doubt in my mind that attending the UCLA Nanoscience Lab Summer Institute will allow me to delve deeper into the field of medical science. Nanoscience gives the human race the ability to precisely manipulate atoms and molecular compounds. As a novice, the ability to have a hands-on experience will allow me to learn and contemplate just what possibilities lie ahead for me and for the rest of mankind.

A Note from Ms. Ramirez, Michael's Mentor

"A love for learning, especially about the science and medical fields is what drives Michael. He loves to dig deeper and understand why and how things work. I know he will bring this curiosity and positive energy to the UCLA Nanoscience Lab. He will work hard to ensure he learns everything he can from his peers and the professors. Being immersed in this scientific community will give Michael reassurance and additional motivation to continue the pursuit of his dreams. The opportunity to see first-hand what he will get to experience in college and beyond will allow Michael to turn his dreams into reality."

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Best of luck Michael! Stay focused, your future is bright!

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Neuroscience is so cool! Have an amazing summer. You deserve it.

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