Jocelyn has applied to attend Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Summit Public Schools: Rainier
San Jose, California
Successfully funded on May 16th, 2018!
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Jocelyn's Story

My passion is environmental conservation.

I discovered my passion for environmental conservation after interning at an outdoor science school called Walden West for a year. The main idea of the program was to teach kids about recycling, food waste, deforestation, and many other important things about conservation. During Walden West, I was a teacher assistant for naturalists during hikes and class. After learning about global warming, deforestation, and pollution it really woke my passion for environmental conservation.

Attending Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast will help me pursue my passion because it will provide me with hands on experience that will help advance my skills for the future. Understanding marine biology while attending the program will help me understand better ways to save the environment. I will also get a taste of how marine biology would be like, if I would want to pursue that career choice.

A Note from Ms. Swoboda, Jocelyn's Mentor

I can't think of a better candidate than Jocelyn for this program. Programs like Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast are made for students like Jocelyn in mind and benefit when they are comprised of students like her. The Camp SEA Keepers of the Coast is a program in which students don't only learn from instructors, but also learn from one another. This program would benefit from having a student like Jocelyn represent a voice and perspective often ignored. She offers an incredible perspective on all things and to not have her as part of the program would be to the detriment of the program and to those chosen to go in her place. Finally, educators and those in academia are constantly searching for ways to get more women in the science field. Here is a girl deeply passionate about all things science, asking to learn more. We can not deny her. We have to water this seed. She has big dreams and if given the opportunity to pursue them, she will go incredibly far and back. And that makes all the difference. She is incredibly passionate about her community, at even the age when most teenagers have their sights are bigger and better things. If given this opportunity, she will be inspired to pursue other opportunities and what she gains along they way, she will share with those around her and in her community.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Swoboda helped Jocelyn raise $900
May 16
Wishbone General Fund donated $191
May 16

Thank you all for your fundraising efforts this year! We are happy to fund the remainder of your campaign!

The Mario St. George Boiardi Foundation donated $250
April 18

We are thrilled to support your journey towards becoming an environmental conservationist!

Camp SEA Lab
Camp SEA Lab donated $360
April 6
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April 6
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April 6
Jocelyn was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1