Elijah has applied to attend US Sports Nike Basketball Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Orville H. Platt High School
Meriden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 26th, 2018!
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Elijah's Story

My passion is basketball. I started playing basketball with my brother and father when I was young. It was a way for us to connect and spend time with each other. I always played for my local YMCA, and my coaches told me to keep playing and stay focus. I played with an AAU coach that trained me and treated me like family.

Attending US Sports Nike Basketball Camps will help me pursue my passion for basketball. During the summer, I normally play in a summer league for basketball that only lasts half the summer. After that, I stay home. Attending this camp will have me doing what I love. US Sports Nike Basketball Camps will also be a good experience because I'll get to play basketball with other kids all around the state who love basketball as much as me. I'll be able to meet different coaches and learn different techniques. This would be my first experience away from my family, and I'm excited its going to be at a college campus.

A Note from Ms. Roman, Elijah's Teacher

Elijah is a perfect candidate for US Sports Nike Basketball Camp. He has a discernible passion and drive that stems from basketball. I have seen how simply talking about basketball brings joy and excitement to Elijah. I know that Elijah wants to succeed in basketball, I know that he is dedicated to push himself to learn more and become better all the time. Elijah is the type of person who really listens and focuses on improvement. Working with high-quality coaches in an environment like Nike Basketball Camp will allow Elijah to experience basketball on a whole new level. This opportunity will help him find deeper success and it will also allow him to experience the world outside of our community. I want Elijah to know what is out there and to use that knowledge to help propel him forward in his life. Nike Basketball Camp is the perfect place for him to start doing that.

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Elijah, I believe in you and I want the best for you! Keep working hard and always believe in your dreams!

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