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Sequoia High School
Redwood City, CA
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Ashley's Story

My passion is fashion.

I discovered my passion for fashion the summer before my sophomore year. I have always loved styling different pieces of clothing together and making it look unique. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and that just basically surrounds me with a lot of beauty and fashion experts. Their sense of style inspires me to make my own. As cliché as it sounds, I have always loved shopping. Just the thrill I get from it by picking out different items of clothing and matching them however I want is so satisfying for me. I have a hard time expressing myself verbally and so through fashion and the items I wear, it really helps illustrate my sense of style and what I am really into and what I am not. My love for art also played a big part in discovering my passion for fashion. Art helps me create my style.

A Note from Mr. Stalder-Skarmoutsos, Ashley's Teacher

Ashley is an excellent candidate for the FIDM 3 Days of Fashion program because she is extremely motivated to take advantage of each and every opportunity that she has access to. Fashion is something that she is very passionate about. It takes more than simply being passionate about a subject, especially when it comes to something like art or fashion. One must be passionate about it, and find that all of the work that you do with it is simply because you don't see anything else that you'd rather do. Ashley consistently has very high grades, nearing a perfect 4.0, so it seems like she might not have time to explore her passions of art and fashion, but she does. She is very efficient and hardworking, not wanting to waste any time or fall behind in any way, since that would take valuable time away from her passions.

Campaign Activity
Ashley posted an update
July 5
My Experience: FIDM 3 Days of Fashion

I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to enhance and expand my knowledge and skills in the fashion world. I was able to meet so many wonderful and friendly people with the same passion as me. Everyone was so friendly and nice to each other and they just gave a warm, welcoming feeling. I really felt at home there and it was just a comfortable environment. I was also given the opportunity to try new things and learn that I am pretty good at performing those new skills.

For instance, I learned how to drape and I have never draped before but I ended up being really good at it. Draping is when you are given a certain amount of fabric and pins and you then have to use that same piece of fabric to create a clothing piece by pinning different sections of that fabric. Afterwards, I learned how to draw a 9-Head Croquis, which fashion designers use to create and visualize their own pieces of clothing. It was hard at first but I was able to create mine after a couple of tries. Throughout the program we had guest speakers such as Nick Verreos and Colleen Quen to discuss about their experience and journey to success in the fashion industry. We were also given an industry tour in Union Square in which different stores such as Mac, Sephora, Apple, Nike, H&M, and Barneys talked about themselves.

Overall, FIDM3 Days of Fashion was a really fun and wonderful opportunity in which I was able to make new friends, meet new people, make great memories, and develop new skills. I am very blessed and thankful to have been able to attend this program. Thank you!

Ashley posted an update
May 9
FIDM 3 Days of Fashion Update

This summer I am going to be participating in FIDM 3 Days of Fashion. I am thankful to be able to attend this program because I will be able to learn more about fashion and how it works. Due to the time I spend on schoolwork and extracurricular activities, this will give me the opportunity to spend some time focusing on this subject and enhance my skills and knowledge in the fashion world.
I am thrilled to meet other teens who will also be attending this program. I am excited to see their different styles, ideas, and techniques in their fashion pieces. I have been passionate about fashion for a while now and I believe this program will help guide me if I would want this passion as a career or not.

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April 21
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I am a friend of your teacher's family! I also am an advocate for another Wishbone student, a student who was referred to Wishbone by your teacher. I am pleased to be a part of this wonderful program, and I wish you well in all of your endeavors.

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Anything to help a former student! Go get 'em Ashley!!

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