Jose has applied to attend US Sports Nike Baseball Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Port Chester High School
Port Chester, New York
Successfully funded on April 23rd, 2018!
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Jose's Story

My passion is baseball. My dream is to attend a college where I can not only receive an education but be a key member of a competitive baseball program. Attending US Sports Nike Baseball Camp will allow me to challenge myself and work on my baseball technique. I am a very determined individual, and I will gain so much from this camp. Attending this program will give me the active learning experience that I need to become a better baseball player.

A Note from Ms. Scicutella, Jose's Mentor

Jose is one of the most hard working kids I know. He takes on a lot for a high school teenager and is able to manage his time well. He uses all his resources to help him get to where he needs to be and holds himself accountable for his actions.

Jose is a good candidate for the US Sports Nike Baseball Camp because Jose is the epitome of the kind of person any coach wants as a part of their team. Jose is beyond passionate about baseball. When you have a conversation with him about baseball, you instantly feel the passion and feel his love for baseball. This program will help him pursue his dream of playing baseball at the collegiate level.

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