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Menlo-Atherton High School
Atherton, CA
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Lelani's Story

My passion is leadership.

I've always loved taking the lead in many things and being involved with my community. I think I really notice my passion for leadership during my 8th grade year. During my 8th grade year I helped my friend start and manage/run a peer mentoring program. That took a lot of effort and I let myself take the lead and I really loved that. Also over the summer I was a volunteer in a summer program and I was able to help in and sometimes lead a math class. I really enjoyed that as well.

A Note from Ms. Magana, Lelani's Mentor

Lelani is a good candidate for the National Teen Leadership Program because she takes leadership very seriously. She helped start a mentoring program when she was in 8th where her and a group of her peers would mentor elementary students once a week during lunch. Lelani gathered a couple of her friends this year as 9th graders and came back to her middle school to encourage the current 8th grade students to keep the mentoring program going. She made a powerpoint presentation, presented to both classes, made posters and communicated with teachers on her own in order to make it happen. Lelani will benefit tremendously from this opportunity because she will gain skills that will help her grow as a leader and continue to do the amazing work that she is passionate about.

Campaign Activity
Lelani posted an update
September 7

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend the National Teen Leadership Program this summer. It was such a life changing experience for me and has inspired me.

Lelani posted an update
May 4
Pre Attendance Update

I will attend the National Teen Leadership Program this summer. I'm super excited to attend this program. It will give me the opportunity to build public speaking and teamwork skills, along with other things to help me become a better leader. It will help me learn important skills that aren't taught at school. I think that this program will help open up more opportunities in the future and it will allow me to better help my community.
I'm looking forward to working with other youth who share the same passion as me. I'll be able to share and gain ideas. I chose this program because I've always love helping my community as leader.

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March 28
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March 28

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