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Technology & Engineering
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, California
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Alejandro's Story

My passion is STEM.

After being personally impacted by medicine, I became inspired to become a doctor. As a doctor, I'd try me best to ensure that people could have another chance to live their best lives, and to spend time with their family and friends. I began to teach myself about the medical field, and was immediately fascinated by the brain, especially diencephalon. This solidified my goal of becoming a doctor to help others.

Attending iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area will be very beneficial for me because it will expose me to multiple aspects of STEM. This will allow me to get some real hands on experience and so that I can learn more about the things I will have to do in the future. I also want to try and get some more experience so that I could get accepted to future medical or other events in life.

A Note from Ms. Krause, Alejandro's Teacher

Alejandro has a passion for helping others and giving back to his community. This passion has led him down the path of pursuing a career in medicine. In order for him to truly understand what a career in medicine would look like he needs to participate in a program where he can have real world experiences. He is a good candidate for iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area because he is curious about the world around him and is a good hearted young man who wants to make an impact.

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Felicidades Alejandro que Dios le bendiga siempre y con cariño sus tíos

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Glad to hear that youve been doing well in your studies and are pursuing a medical field. Wish you the best.

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May 2

You will be the future of Hispanic peaple

Eres el futuro de nuestra gente hispana

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Best of luck on the next chapter in your life.

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Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

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I wish you all the best

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This donation is for you to complete your Dream

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We are thrilled to support your journey to becoming a doctor!

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