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NYC I School
Manhattan, NY
Successfully funded on May 17th, 2016!
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Kayla's Story

My passion is basketball.

This passion found me, really. When I was little I would play with my boy cousins a lot, and in order to go outside with them I had to know how to play a sport. So I learned how to play basketball and fell in love with the sport. At about the age of six I was on a team and consistently stayed on one. As I kept growing in my career I tried out for all my schools' basketball teams. As of now I play for my high school and my AAU team and have had several different high school and colleges recruit me.

Chelsea Piers NYC Basketball Camp will help me meet new people from different parts of New York and advance my basketball skills. While in the program I will do several drills that I am not used to doing that will help my skills develop. This will help me be more prepared for a real game and get used to working under pressure. Also, the camp will get my basketball IQ up because I will be working with people who I haven't played with before, so I would have to know what to do with different types of players.

A Note from Ms. Coughlin, Kayla's Teacher

The determination and resilience Kayla has continually demonstrated in the classroom exemplify why she is an excellent candidate for the Chelsea Piers NYC Basketball Camp. From the outset of her freshman year, Kayla has proven to be a student committed to excelling academically, not just be earning top grades, but more importantly by attacking the skills and concepts she struggles with. Unlike many of her peers, Kayla has never given up when challenged by difficult material in the classroom. This has been most evidence in her determination to improve as both an argumentative and analytical writer. In order to master each new skill introduced, Kayla is never passive or stagnant in her learning; instead, she is eager to integrate new (and often unfamiliar) skills in her writing, and when she needs further clarification, she takes time to conference with me during (after school) office hours. I am certain the physical and mental challenges presented at the Chelsea Piers NYC Basketball Camp will help Kayla to further develop the grit and focus she already applies in her daily life.

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