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Technology & Engineering
Uncommon Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
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Luis's Story

My passion is engineering.

Last year in 9th grade, we were given the opportunity to choose what class we wanted for our elective. In the first engineering class this year, we had an instant challenge where we worked with our group to create a vehicle out of a paper tube, straws, tape, and a balloon. The goal was to see which group's vehicle could travel the farthest on a rope hanging from one side of the classroom to the other. I found it very intriguing because it presented a challenge, especially since we had to design and put together the vehicle all on our own. Ever since then I've had an interest in engineering.

Attending iD Tech Camps will help me explore my passion because it will inform me on what it means to have a career in engineering by putting me in the atmosphere different than that of an engineering class. iD Tech Camps focuses on STEM skills and teaches students to create things like video games, robots and apps. iD Tech Camp will give me an understanding of what engineers really do on a day to day basis and in the real world. This program will expose me to a different atmosphere than the one we have in engineering class.

A Note from Mr. Thomas, Luis's Teacher

Luis is the epitome of a scholar. His diligence and attitude towards his academics has been exemplary. He is constantly looking to improve himself and consistently takes personal responsibility of his academics. He understands when he needs to put in more effort and often advocates for himself to further his understanding of content. Since working with Luis I have seen him take the initiative to participate in several school programs, one specific program is the robotics club. Having that opportunity as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to take an engineering class this year has fostered his passion for engineering. One may conclude Luis is an ideal student for this camp, considering he has taken advantage of the few opportunities offered.

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Luis A, getting A's! You're the right choice to participate in this program. I am so excited for this opportunity for you! You know how to stay focused, rise to a challenge, and motivate peers. I can't wait to see what comes for you in your high school career.

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