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Liberal Arts
Brooklyn Ascend High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 18th, 2018!
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Aziah's Story

My passion is veterinary science.

My passion for Veterinary Science started from my love and passion for animals. Throughout my life I have loved animals, I am just naturally intrigued by them. I see them as humans, unlike some people who use them for materialistic purposes such as clothing and accessories. Whenever I am around them either at a friend’s playing with his pet or at the zoo admiring the beauty of an animal, I am interested in learning more about all that goes into ensuring this animal’s health and well-being. I also do very well in science and can see the relationship between the two areas and how having a foundation in the sciences will help me to reach my goal. Being a Veterinarian is my dream and this program will heighten my knowledge of Veterinary Science.

Attending Centenary Summer Scholars will help me pursue my passion for Veterinary Science by heightening my knowledge of Veterinary Science and helping me prepare for my future in the field of Veterinary Science. This summer program may also tell me whether or not being a Veterinarian is truly what I want to do. I also think this program is going to be fun because I love science. I love being able to discover different things in the world and how those things function. I enjoy being able to build connections between different living organisms and how our lives are all connected. I want to be able to think about how our decisions impact other living organisms in this world so that we can ensure a safe planet for all.

A Note from Ms. Mara, Aziah's Teacher

Aziah has a passion for animals and science. It's his passion that really motivates him to seek out opportunities to expand his knowledge of the area. Aziah needs a more hands on experience and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. I believe that Centenary Summer Scholars will also give him an opportunity to confirm that this is truly the path for him. Right now, it's a passion that he believes is matched well with his skills. While is is excelling in his science classes, I think this is the change he needs to dig deeper.

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