Edgar has applied to attend ETC Access to Adventure this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Environmental & Outdoors
Summit Prep
Redwood City, CA
Successfully funded on June 2nd, 2016!
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Edgar's Story

My passions are business, economics, traveling, marketing, exploring, boxing, helping others, entrepreneurism, etc....

I discovered these passions of mine mostly from doing these things, through experience. I have been able to do each of these things in a way and it has allowed me to get a deeper love for them and has allowed me to become passionate about them. Some of these things I became passionate about through the help of others. For example my mom helped me find an entrepreneur class and that really opened my eyes and my boxing coach really pushed me with that so there are a lot of different factors to as to why and how I discovered these passions but the biggest one was from experience.

This program will help me pursue my passions because this program, in it's own, has two things I am passionate about, leadership and outdoors/exploring. I think I can greatly contribute to this program by bringing all my skills and everything that I have spoken about and sharing that with others and helping other people figure out what it is that they are passionate about and help them pursue that. I see this opportunity as yes helping myself but also how I can help others and push them forward towards their goals. I have many ideas and many opinions on things and I think bringing what I know to the table and sharing that is a great thing to have. The biggest influence a teenager can have is another teenager so I think I can take on that leadership position.

A Note from Ms. Ching, Edgar's Mentor

I can confidently tell you that every single adult that has ever met Edgar has beamed at the long-lasting, meaningful, authentic, respectful and empathetic person that he is. Edgar is who our school leaders (myself, his teachers, principals, chief of schools, etc) call on repeatedly to represent our school to visitors, parents, and younger students. Not only does he genuinely care about others, but he also has so many leadership qualities that better every single environment that he finds himself in. I know that if he is accepted to this program, he will bring so much joy and perspective to the group. Edgar will benefit from a program like this because it will provide him with the necessary support that he needs to continue pursing his dreams, and he will be give even more structured opportunities to develop his leadership.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Ching helped Edgar raise $2,100
June 2
Anonymous donated $150
June 2
edgar anaya donated $150
May 26

Great job Edgar! You make me very proud! Keep up the great work!

Patrice Navarro donated $200
May 24

Congratulations Edgar!!! You are an exceptional person and deserve this wonderful opportunity. Love you lots.

Mayra Soto donated $50
May 23

From Peninsula Boxing in Redwood City.

Virginia Castillo donated $50
May 22

Congrats with your opportunity, enjoy life and keep positive and chase your dreams. Much love Villalobos fam

Aaron Zambrano donated $50
May 21

The Best luck Edgar!!

Elizabeth Ellis donated $150
May 21

Way to go Edgar! Your ambition and passion to help others inspires us all!

Kroy Richardson donated $50
May 20

This kid has potential! Good luck Edgar.

Cristina Barron donated $50
May 20

Congrats Edgar!!!
Mayra raised a good kid.. Keep up the good work.

Diana Soto donated $101
May 20

We Love You & the young man you are becoming!
-Damian, Rod, Diana

Mar Y Sol & Alfred Robledo donated $100
May 20

Know that we are inspired by your leadership and love for life. We very much believe that it takes a village to raise a child, so here is a small contribution to your future success. We are sure you will accomplish great things in the future and we look forward to you making an impact in this WORLD!

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Environmental Traveling Companions donated $800
May 2
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May 2
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May 2
Edgar was accepted into Wishbone!
January 29