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Uncommon Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
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Alexis-Briana's Story

My passion is basketball.

I love the sport of basketball. I started to play ball when I was around the age of nine. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-9 p.m, I attended basketball practice. My older brothers and cousins played ball for school, and sometimes I would play with them as well.

Now, my daily routine is: get to school at 8:25 a.m, go straight home to pick up my niece from daycare by 5:30 p.m, babysit my niece and do my homework, and arrive home at 10 p.m. I have very little time for myself, which can be a little stressful because it limits the time I have for basketball.

I would like to attend Nike Basketball Camp because it will be an opportunity for me to go learn from others and help me become better at basketball.

A Note from Ms. Santos, Alexis-Briana's Teacher

"I have witnessed Alexis grow in an academically rigorous environment that holds students accountable in all facets of their education. Having experienced a different setting prior to her enrollment at Uncommon, she had a difficult time adjusting at first. Since then, she has grown into an amazing young lady who has found her passion. She is finding meaning in the world and has made connections with the people who can continue to guide her on the path to success.

Nike Basketball Camp is an excellent program for Alexis because it will help her make further connections with individuals around her and analyze how the environment plays a major role in our lives. I strongly feel this program will facilitate an exponential growth in character and self-esteem."

Campaign Activity
Alexis-Briana posted an update
June 30
Excited for Nike Basketball Camp

The program I will be attending on June 28th is Nike Basketball Camp at Millersville University. This program helps young women grow into better skilled basketball players. I chose this program because I like basketball and it puts me in my comfort zone. Everyday, I'm outside in the park practicing and playing games with the guys. I have been playing basketball for quite a long time now and I think it's time to further my skills, confidence, and dedication to become the best. What I'm looking forward most at Millersville University is just to be surrounded by others who wish to succeed in the same career as me. I just like to strive to better myself while having fun. Thank you for supporting me!

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