Danielle has applied to attend Discover Hopkins this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Uncommon North Star Academy (Lincoln Park High School)
Newark, New Jersey
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
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Danielle's Story

My passion is medicine. My mom used to work at nursing homes and hospitals when I was young, and I was exposed to the sight of patients suffering and not being able to talk or walk like they used to; I believe that’s what inspired me to consider medicine as something I would like to pursue. The Discover Hopkins program will help me develop my passion for medicine because it will provide me with many opportunities to be in healthcare facilities. I may be able to experience a day in the life of an attending nurse, hold and use tools that a surgeon may use, and see an MRI in action. The program will also expose me to the college lifestyle, where I will learn to be away from home, even if just for a short period of time. This will help me learn how to be independent and self-directed. I hope to be a part of a program that will help me to have a successful future in the medical field.

A Note from Ms. Kale, Danielle's Teacher

Danielle would be a good candidate for Discover Hopkins because she displays a passion for sciences. She is definitely capable of keeping up with the rigor of the program because she takes on academic challenges and sees them through to the end. During class sessions, Danielle is eager to raise her hand and ask the right questions in order to benefit the entire class as well as her own understanding. That kind of humility and persistence will be needed at a program such as Discover Hopkins. She will benefit from a program like Discover Hopkins because it will give her a chance to explore her passion before she leaves high school. This will save her a great amount of time in the future when deciding on a career field. Danielle is also a college bound student who is thinking seriously about higher education. By exposing her to a college program facilitated by one of the best universities in the United States, she will have a better sense of the college culture ahead of time.

Campaign Activity
Danielle posted an update
August 14
After Attending My Program

My experience at Johns Hopkins University in the Discover Hopkins program was exciting and also moving. My experience was exciting because I actually got to learn what it feels like to be in a college classroom and I also got the chance to start learning about my future career. This program was moving because I noticed that I was one of few black students there that attended the program and it made me think about how I can encourage my friends to do programs and work harder while in school so that more of our classrooms can be more diverse.

These are some of my friends that i met while there that I grew a bond with
These are some of my friends that i met while there that I grew a bond with
Danielle posted an update
June 8
6 More Weeks!!

In six more weeks, I'll be attending Johns Hopkins' summer program called Discover Hopkins. Without you, I would be writing an email to Johns Hopkins explaining that I could not afford the program. Instead, I'm writing you a thank you note. Thank you for listening to my story and thank you for donating.

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April 27
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April 27
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April 17

Can't wait to hear all about this awesome experience Danielle. Way to go!!

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March 30

I read your profile and felt a connection. I lived in Newark from 1960 to 1972 and attended Mt. Vernon School. My son, daughter and I areal Hopkins alums. This is a wonderful step toward your goals.

Yasmine Holloway donated $200
March 27
Dillon Ward donated $50
March 25

I am so excited that you will be spending some time in the summer at my alma mater! Hopkins will always need brilliant black students like you to change the community for the better! I am proud of you and I hope this program puts Hopkins as your number 1 choice for college! Keep up the great work.

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March 23

Danielle, you be whatever you set your mind to be.
Aunty Moji xxxx

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