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Andrea's Story

My passion is fashion sketching.

Fashion sketching and fashion in general became a passion when I was a young girl. I remember buying all the Runway Project toys that helped you sketch and making dresses for a mini manikin. I learned to knit in fifth grade and I still knit. When I was younger, I always tried to draw fashion sketches but they never came out nice.

About a year or two ago, I was determined to learn how to draw fashion sketches and I am so thankful for YouTube. I spent my time watching tutorials until I somewhat understood the routine. I started off using the nine head's technique and now I can easily sketch a body without much trouble. But being a fashion designer is not only about knowing how to sketch - you also have to know how to sew, drape and how to use other technique's depending on what you're making. And those technique's are the things I want to learn to do.

I will develop my passion by attending FIDM 3 Days of Fashion so I can expand my knowledge on the fashion industry. From reading the description of the program, I'm so intrigued! Just thinking that we are going to have people sharing their experience, talking to us about the industry, and teaching us several techniques sounds amazing because I'll get to know more about what I love.

A Note from Ms. Berg, Andrea's Teacher

"Andrea is consistently one of the hardest working students in her class period. Students in class are often asked to do difficult tasks, such as write a 600 word blog post, or complete a complicated Logic-Grid problem. Andrea approaches all of these tasks with a good attitude, and a commitment to completing the task well. Very frequently she goes above and beyond by writing more words in her blog post, and every day in class I see her assisting the peers sitting around her.

Fashion design and the Fashion industry is something Andrea is very interested in pursuing. An opportunity like the FIDM 3 Days of Fashion program would give Andrea the chance to get more involved in her passion and see if it is something she wants to pursue further after high school. Andrea is a top student in her grade level, and is already starting to think about college and career options after high school. Since she already has an interest, the next logical step is to explore that interest further. Given that Andrea comes from a low-income family, her only opportunity to explore Fashion will be through a summer program that is little or no cost to her. Andrea does everything right in school, and deserves this opportunity."

Campaign Activity
Andrea posted an update
August 10
Great experience at FIDM

I had an amazing experience at FIDM 3 Days of Fashion. I got the chance to experience this with one of my closest friends, and we also ended up in the same group which I was surprised about but very glad. On Day 1, we got a campus tour, my friend and I paired up and we created a shirt based off of the materials they gave us which were like jewels, feathers, paint etc. The first day, I was surprised when they provided all the students with Chipotle. On Day 2, we had a class on merchandise marketing, and we learned about trends. That day they had brought us Panda Express. On our last day, we had a class on concept to consumer, sketching, and designing a place for a fashion show and where the photoshoot would be in conjunction to the whole runway theme. On our last day, they provided us with great sandwiches. After that, we got to meet Nick Verreros. He was a student at FIDM who participated in Project Runway and now has his own line of clothing. Throughout the 3 days we got to meet three people who had graduated from FIDM and became successful. Everyone working at FIDM was extremely nice, they had really nice elevators, the food was amazing, and I couldn't have asked for more. I enjoyed coming to 3 days of Fashion at FIDM , and I'll never forget about it. This amazing experience wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for you, so thank you so much!

Andrea posted an update
June 22
Excited for FIDM

I will be soon be part of the 3 day workshop at FIDM. I'm excited to be able to absorb all this new knowledge and to meet new people who share the same passion as I do. I was sort of scared thinking about traveling to my program on BART, if I get lost or something, but I am going to go with a friend. I'm not very used to taking public transportation, so I hope that in these three days I learn how to take BART so that I could take it by myself with no problem. The most exciting part of this program is that my close friend and I are going to be in the same group at this 3 day workshop. Overall, I am really excited to work on all these activities, meet others with the same interest that I have, get to know the city and how to get there. This will definitely be a new learning experience for me.

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