Jesus Roberto has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Jesus Roberto
Jesus Roberto
Leadership Public Schools - Richmond
Richmond, CA
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Jesus Roberto
Jesus Roberto's Story

My passion is soccer.

I discovered soccer at the age of seven. At first, I did it to remain active. As time went on it became a hobby and then later, a passion. Over time, I have acquired huge amounts of skill, technique, and passion towards this fast-growing sport in the USA. This sport is a true passion for me because I enjoy playing it, and each time I play I try to get better.

Attending the Nike Soccer Camp will help me explore my passion because it will be an opportunity to improve my skills as a soccer player because I will learn from very highly trained coaches. Through rigorous training exercises, the Nike Soccer Camp will help develop me into a much better player. Also, attending the Nike Soccer Camp will increase my probability of playing D1 soccer in college. Good performances at the soccer camp might catch the eye of the college coaches, and that could result in me being recruited to play collegiate soccer.

A Note from Mr. Rosario, Jesus Roberto's Mentor

"Jesus (Beto), is an exceptional student, athlete, and human being. He has worked tremendously hard to position himself to succeed in all of his endeavors. Particularly for soccer, he is 100% committed to his high school team, which he has been a part of since his freshmen year. He often leads by example and does everything that is asked from him. At the end of the soccer season, he participates in other local soccer leagues and tries out for other sports at school such as baseball. He continuously seeks opportunities to grow as a player. He loves the game and would nothing more than to have an opportunity to take his passion to a further level at Nike Soccer Camp."

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Jesus Roberto
Jesus Roberto posted an update
August 8
Thank you

I want to say thank you to all of the donors who so generously financed my trip to the Berkeley Soccer Camp. The camp was absolutely great, demanding, and intensive. I used every single minute I was there to become a better soccer player and teach those around me. I also made new friends from the East Coast, Kansas, and Washington State. This is an opportunity I absolutely love, and it would have not been possible without Wishbone and the very generous donors. I wish other students dreams can be achieved through Wishbone!

Warm regards,

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December 31
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December 31

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December 16

Hi Jesus, I'm a kid living in the Bay Area and I also love to play soccer. I was inspired by your story and I want you to be able to go to Nike Camp. I hope you pursue your dreams, and get noticed by a coach. :)

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December 8

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December 2
Jesus Roberto
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November 19