Chyna has applied to attend Junior Statesmen Summer Institutes this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Brooklyn Ascend High School
Brooklyn, NY
Successfully funded on April 5th, 2017!
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Chyna's Story

My passion is helping others.

I am really dedicated to helping others and want to enter a career that allows me to impact my community in a positive way. One career opportunity is nursing. The main thing that attracts me to nursing is having the ability to care for others. I am so intrigued by the role nurses play in the lives of those in need. I would like to take on that role. Throughout my life I was involved in taking care of people and doing my best to ensure their well-being. I believe nursing fits into my experiences and the way in which I hope to improve the health of my patients. I always wanted to expand my knowledge in this area and get to know what is required of me to become a nurse.

A Note from Mrs. Roopnarine, Chyna's Counselor

At the moment, Chyna wants to enter the medical field to help others. She sees this as the best avenue to provide resources, care, and support to those most in need. Although she has not had many experiences to explore this career path, Chyna is meant to help others and make a positive impact on their lives. She can regularly be seen supporting her peers, providing tutoring and helping teachers. Chyna has often stayed back to help me clean my classroom, ask about my day, and lend a calm ear to hear out my ideas on how we can grow our college support programming. Chyna has regularly talked with me about her desire to take college courses, volunteer in her community, and take rigorous science courses. We have spent time together researching and developing a plan for her to have these experiences this year and summer. As we develop our school, we are only in our second year, Chyna, I am sure will take advantage of all the opportunities provided to her to explore her passions. She is one of our top students and has consistently challenged herself in her courses. Chyna has not allowed one learning opportunity to pass her by in her classes, she cherishes all the ideas and concepts she is able to explore and puts her all into completing her assignments.

Campaign Activity
Chyna posted an update
June 27
Thank you!

Thank you so much for supporting me to reach my goal of attending the Junior Statesmen Program. I am excited to learn more about our political climate and how to effect change in my community.

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April 5
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April 4

Lori is a great person and she thinks you're a great person, so you must be. Best wishes.

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April 4

I admire your passion for helping people!

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April 4
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April 3

Chyna - I am Board Chair at Ascend Learning. My wife and I are excited about the Statesmen Summer Institute. Hope you come back and run for office!

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March 30
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February 1