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Technology & Engineering
Animo College Prep Academy
Los Angeles, California
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Carla's Story

My passion is art.

I first discovered my passion for art when I was nearly 6 years old. I never knew why I became so intrigued by that subject, but I did. For the following years, however, I did not accentuate on my hidden desire to learn how to draw because I did not know what to draw. At the moment I thought, “Maybe I am not meant to become an artist..I lack the creativity,” and I stopped thinking about it. Last year, during the summer, my oldest brother reintroduced me and my siblings to a Japanese form of cartoons called Anime. I became so fascinated by the art they used; it seemed like a simple--yet attainable form of art with a hint of complexity found within it. And so, for the rest of that summer I spent most of my time watching anime-character drawing tutorials; trying to immediately start drawing.

A great reason why I would like to attend US Performing Arts Animation is because I feel that it would inspire me to develop my own unique style of drawing. I would also love to have a hands-on experience with creating different types of things and to be able to witness other types of techniques used to create art.

A Note from Ms. Itzia Ramirez, Carla's Teacher

Carla is a top student in my class and is an amazing artist. Carla has been working extremely hard to earn and maintain her grade. Her critical thinking skills are very high. Also, she has helped her peers understand the classroom material. I use the arts in my class because I know my students have many gifts, and I am a huge advocate for arts in schools. I learned about Carla's artistic gift the day I assigned students to create an artifact to interpret a Greek philosopher's quote. I had no idea how creative she was. I was very impressed when she presented her art piece to class. She will greatly benefit from the US Performing Arts Animation summer program.

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