Melvin has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Port Chester High School
Port Chester, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 21st, 2018!
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Melvin's Story

My passion is law.

My passion for law runs deep. Despite all the challenges my father has faced, he decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. This to me is a reason why I find law so fascinating. Anyone that puts their mind to what they want to accomplish in the field of law can create a career from it with a lot of hard work and dedication no matter what their upbringing was.

Attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program will help me pursue my passion for law because it will be the spark to my college level learning and understanding of law. I have a basic understanding of law but with the completion of this program, I will have both a deeper love and desire to pursue this career path.

A Note from Ms. Scicutella, Melvin's Mentor

Melvin is very passionate. He has made it very clear that he wants to continue his career in criminal justice and law. When I first met Melvin in an interview, he told me how his father was his hero and inspiration in his life. Melvin is only a junior in high school, yet he is one of the most passionate students I know. I have had the pleasure of being Melvin's mentor for the past year and I could not be prouder of the young man he is. He will greatly benefit from attending the UConn Pre-College Summer Program.

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Success! Ms. Scicutella helped Melvin raise $1,950
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